In 2020, RSK Biocensus launched Nature Positive, a new business that supports companies and those who invest in them in understanding their impacts and dependence on biodiversity.

Biodiversity is a fundamental component of long-term business survival. Businesses rely on genes, species and ecosystem services as critical inputs to their production processes and on healthy ecosystems to treat and dissipate waste, maintain soil and water quality, and help control air composition. However, business and industry can have negative impacts on biodiversity resources. These are often not well understood, as they can be direct or indirect and may occur at some distance from a company’s operations. Consequently, even businesses that are proactive in their approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) may not be aware of the full range of their impacts on biodiversity or natural capital.

Nature Positive provides baseline biodiversity assessments; supply chain risk assessments; biodiversity footprinting; biodiversity, natural capital and sustainability strategies and actions; biodiversity due diligence and screening; reporting; and practical mitigation, compensation and offsetting measures.

To get in contact with Nature Positive call  +44 (0)330 223 4476  or email enquiries@naturepositive.com