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RSK is a global leader in the delivery of sustainable solutions. Our family of over 175 environmental, engineering and technical services businesses works together to provide practical solutions to some of the greatest challenges societies have ever faced. These challenges, and the responses to them, are perhaps best captured by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: “a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future”.

We must achieve a truly sustainable future, and to get there, all nations, businesses, organisations and individuals must play a role. RSK is enabling clients around the world to do their bit. We operate in most sectors of the economy, including many of those most critical to future global sustainability, such as water, energy, food and drink, infrastructure, urban development, mining and waste. With our integrated offering across research and development, consultancy and on-the-ground application, we can deliver a complete solution that is unrivalled in the market.

Delivering end-to-end bespoke solutions

Focus on client care

At RSK, we are focused on providing our clients with the best solutions for their challenges, no matter the scale or type of project. We pride ourselves on our responsive, pragmatic approach, which enables us to assist clients at any and every project stage. We understand the needs of our clients and can identify opportunities which others cannot. Together, we can deliver better outcomes.

When completing work for Network Rail on the monitoring of level crossing safety, RSK recognised that existing survey methods were limited and of low quality. In response, our team designed and installed CCTV equipment and bespoke software that provided more comprehensive monitoring of level crossings. The project resulted in an improved risk assessment and surveying method and contributed to the overall safety of level crossings.

Our clients value our innovative, practical attitude and ultimately, our ability to deliver a complete solution.

Breadth of services

The breadth of services that we offer is unique and at the heart of our strategic plan. For 30 years, RSK has grown both organically and through acquisition to ensure it is continually able to offer more to its clients. Thanks to this constant growth and our collaborative culture, we can offer a wider range of services than our competitors and we can package services that would otherwise need to be managed individually.

Our breadth of services is proven in our contributions to the Mersey Gateway, a six-lane toll bridge spanning the River Mersey. From the project’s inception, RSK provided multidisciplinary engineering and environmental support services, alongside technical support services ranging from tendering to finance and operational contract support.

For Crossrail, a 73-mile railway line stretching across London from Reading to Shenfield, RSK provided support on environmental matters during tender stages, environment and consents works, strategic stakeholder engagement and community liaison, off-site quality testing services and technical services such as air quality, noise and heritage services.

Depth of expertise

While our competitors may offer similar services, RSK is a business built on exceptional talent. What sets RSK apart is our in-depth understanding and experience. We are proud to employ industry experts, innovators, thought leaders and the very brightest young people. Through our specialist business units, we can provide a wide range of services, each based on the knowledge and experience of our skilled expert teams, coupled with comprehensive staff development and training programmes. This results in a deeper understanding of challenges and a greater ability to solve them, subsequently eliminating the need to outsource work.

In Carlisle, we utilised the expertise of our in-house archaeology team, including a human remains expert, to obtain scheduled monument consent for Carlisle Cathedral and to develop mitigation strategies, undertake archaeological watching briefs and complete necessary work to allow building works to continue on the consecrated site.

For a complex remediation challenge in Germany, RSK’s experts opted for an innovative treatment using zero-valent iron nanoparticles, which successfully reduced perchlorethylene contaminants by 93% over 24 months.

A global network of local experts

For 30 years, RSK has expanded geographically in response to the needs of its clients, starting with its first overseas venture to the Caspian in 1995 to its current 130 worldwide offices. We are poised to tackle the greatest global challenges of our time and will continue to build our network to meet these demands. We employ local expertise and support the communities we are part of.

No matter where our clients’ problems arise, we can support them. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly and proactively, even establishing new offices or setting up full-time teams where needed.

In Kuwait, RSK formed part of a consortium tasked with providing the data and focused on the nature and extent of oil contamination in the country’s marine and coastal environment. We responded quickly by setting up a full-time team in Kuwait that provided analysis and reports to determine the most appropriate remediation technologies.

Entrepreneurship without bureaucracy

Our experts explore challenges in detail, applying their entrepreneurial attitude to deliver the best possible solution while avoiding delays caused by corporate bureaucracy. We have found this empowers and motivates our workforce but also leads to better outcomes on projects and improved relationships with clients.

“RSK’s interpersonal management style enables staff to develop and understand the business. It is a business that is diverse and ready to take on new challenges, which gives great opportunities for staff to develop and expand their experience.” Tim Coutts

Diagnosis and delivery

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide both consultancy and contracting services, a truly end-to-end service. We can undertake research from first principles and we have the equipment needed to take and analyse samples, remediate the ground, respond to emergencies and clean-up spills. We can advise on what to do and, importantly, then deliver the necessary works. Combining diagnostic and delivery services results in fewer project delays, lower project costs and greater confidence in supply.

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Oliver Drain from CAN had a fantastic day at Access Techniques in Sheffield

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📢 We are proud to share that we are the headline sponsor for the @sesexplore Oscars of Exploration, a celebration of scientific endeavour and inspirational leadership.

⭐ The Scientific Exploration Society aims to encourage and enhance chosen careers by providing high-profile awards for scientific exploration at the frontiers of human discovery and projects that will also leave a lasting legacy and benefit.

We can’t wait to see you there!

📅 12th October
📍 The Royal College of Surgeons, London

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It’s not often that you get the chance to visit the beach while working…

Michael Underwood from Envireau Water couldn’t resist a walk along the beach at Whitehaven having finished a watercourse and drainage survey just up the road in Cleator Moor!

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😮 More than 50% of the global economy depends directly on nature and the crucial ecosystems it provides, yet biodiversity is declining at an unprecedented rate. But why is biodiversity relevant for financial institutions?

📌 Join us on 18 October, as a valued panel of experts explores why and how the finance sector is addressing biodiversity.

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💚 At RSK, we believe our success is down to our exceptional people who come from a multitude of backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, and neurotypes.

😄 For this year’s #NationalInclusionWeek, RSK’s employee networks have been active in sharing their experiences to encourage and empower our colleagues to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion.

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🏙️ In part one of our conversation hosted by Andrew Tempany, Technical Director at @stephensonhalliday, we explored what regenerative design is and how it relates to the wider built environment industry.

📌 In this new edition of Cities of Tomorrow, our panel delves deeper into the challenges of and solutions to progressing regenerative design practices.

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😮 The global built environment is responsible for almost 40% of global energy-related carbon emissions and 50% of extracted materials use.

📌 Join us in this event organized by Copper Consultancy to find out how can the built environment, as a sector, overcome challenges to decarbonise to meet the government’s net-zero target.

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