Waste collection solutions

Integrated waste collection solutions for sustainable cities

Sustainable waste collection systems are fundamental in urban areas and go well beyond the concept of simply collecting and managing waste. A system that is designed to be environmentally friendly, is managed and maintained with cutting-edge technology and, above all, is compatible with the needs of modern society, will help to propel cities and towns towards their sustainability objectives.

RSK, in partnership with leading waste-management business Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente (ESA), can deliver bespoke end-to-end waste collection solutions across the UK.

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A value-added partnership

The RSK–ESA partnership brings together two solution-focused businesses with long track records of delivering sustainable solutions to the public and private sectors.

ESA has over 20 years’ experience in the waste market and is one of the most dynamic companies in the sector. It is constantly developing innovative solutions to meet the needs of its clients. ESA has developed waste collection solutions for smart cities around the world. It offers a very wide range of waste collection products and technologies but also provides design and consultancy, servicing and maintenance.

RSK brings local knowledge and expertise from a network of offices and depots across the UK. RSK has over 30 years’ experience of waste management services and is able to provide bespoke solutions in a sustainable manner.

ESA’s expertise coupled with the breadth and depth of RSK’s range of services provides a full-service offering that is unrivalled in the market.

A bespoke full-service offering

RSK–ESA can deliver a complete waste collection solution, or we can support you at a specific stage in your project, the choice is yours.

Our services truly do cover the entire life cycle of your project, from initial planning through to prolonging asset life, and are entirely flexible around your specific requirements. Our offer can be broken into four categories: design and consultation, equipment and installation, management and maintenance and servicing.

A local service, anywhere in the UK

RSK has a network of over 100 offices throughout the UK. Our multidisciplinary teams work together from these bases: they collaborate and support one another.

Having experts throughout the UK enables us to deliver our waste collection services better, particularly our maintenance services: we can respond more quickly, apply local knowledge and reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Design and consultancy

    RSK–ESA offer a comprehensive suite of design and consultancy services to support the supply of equipment and technologies. These associated services help to ensure the following outcomes.

    The best equipment is used for each scenario
    There is no one-size-fits-all waste collection system, so we can help our clients to determine which equipment is best for each scenario. Human density, the collection cycle, the available space and the installation’s complexity are just some of the factors that need to be considered when selecting refuse equipment.

    Waste collection systems are placed in the optimal locations
    Again, there is a wide range of factors that need to be considered when determining the placement of waste collection systems. RSK can carry out the necessary work in-house, such as geophysical and utility surveys, soil assessments, geotechnical & structural design and visual impact assessments, to reduce costs and to limit potential project delays.

    The community understands the value of the new system and uses it effectively
    Community engagement is vital to the success of a sustainable waste collection system. RSK can deliver engagement to help to drive community buy-in and to ensure that the new waste collection systems are used as effectively as possible.

    The introduction of the waste collection solution is delivering sustainable outcomes
    Carbon emissions can be assessed at all stages of the project, especially during the operational phase, to measure and report on progress.

    The system is meeting key performance indicators (KPIs) in line with your wider objectives
    Our in-house experts can help determine KPIs and define a measurement strategy in line with your wider ambitions, for example the total quantity of waste collected, the separation of waste, number of collections or operating costs.

  • Equipment

    The Two Automatic System (2AS) is a modular waste collection system giving greater flexibility, more efficiency and improved safety. The system, which can be installed on any chassis, consists of a bilateral robotic arm, a waste compactor, a container washer and open-top containers. The system, which meets all relevant British and European safety standards, is suitable for lifting a range of above- and underground waste containers as well as solar powered compactors.

    Why choose the 2AS?
    Innovative technology – Unlike traditional waste collection, the robotic arm of the 2AS system is controlled and monitored from inside the cab. Seven cameras, a UHF container-recognition tag, a laser guide and an integrated weighing system ensure that the robotic arm can safely and securely lift and transfer waste into the compactor. Additionally, containers are fitted with multiple sensors to detect the fill level and to report anomalies in real time. By collecting these operating parameters in real time, daily routes can be planned to avoid unnecessary emptying.

    Single-man operation – The technology-driven equipment enables more efficient waste collection by a single operator. Collection from inside the cab also improves health and safety.

    Flexibility – The modular system provides unrivalled flexibility: it can be fitted to a range of vehicles, enables the installation of compactors, container washers and open top containers and can lift any container fitted with a Kinshofer hook. Furthermore, the bilateral arm gives greater flexibility when positioning waste containers.

    Reduced environmental impacts – The 2AS can reduce overall environmental impacts in numerous ways: the integrated technology can plan routes based on real-time data on fill levels, the equipment itself is environmentally friendly and it is lighter than alternatives, meaning fewer trips to empty the load.

    Visit the ESA website or download the brochure to learn more about the 2AS.

  • Management

    All of the equipment is driven by innovative technology, measuring and reporting key parameters in real time. This integral software can provide several services to support the long-term management of the waste collection solution, namely:

    Controlled access to improve the separation of waste by end users.

    Container recognition to enable the robotic arm to recognise the contents of a container and its operating status.

    Operating parameters such as fill level and anomalies are recorded in real time.

    24/7 remote assistance and continuous software upgrades lead to a reduction in the ordinary maintenance needed.

  • Maintenance

    We strive for long-term relationships with our clients and thus have developed servicing and maintenance solutions to ensure that our sustainable waste systems have equipment, software and people operating at the highest level. And, with our network of offices across the UK, RSK can provide fast and efficient services, regardless of where you are in the country.

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