Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains

If we are to meet the challenges of an expanding population, coupled with imminent global warming consequences, the food and farming industries must adapt and innovate. RSK, primarily ADAS, is the UK’s largest independent provider of environmental consultancy, rural development services and policy advice. We offer a range of measurement, analysis, strategy and communication services. Our work spans from company strategy through to on-farm mitigation; we support companies in developing science-based targets and supplier engagement strategies. We can also work with farmers to measure emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Unique insights to power innovation

We support our customers to deliver solutions for sustainable agricultural supply chains. Our agricultural background means we are equally at home meeting face-to-face with farmers as we are engaging with senior management in global food and drink businesses. This gives us the unique ability to work across all stages of the supply chain, and with more than 75 years’ experience of informing our strategies, our clients can rest assured that we understand their unique needs and have a bespoke solution to answer their concerns.

Our sustainability services

We offer a range of measurement, analysis, strategy and communication services. Specifically, through ADAS, we offer solutions for sustainable agricultural supply chains. This means we make full use of our world-leading agricultural and environmental technical experts to provide knowledge and support. We measure and monitor to collect information about a supply chain, develop sustainability strategies to meet business needs and communicate accurately in non-technical language to all stakeholders.

Implementing the right strategy for you

Our experts use evidence-based research to help clients solve their most significant challenges. This can be avoiding mishaps in the value chain and reputational damage or remaining up-to-date on the latest responsible practices. Our multidisciplinary team has a strong practical understanding of agricultural production, combined with expertise in a host of sustainability challenges where we can offer a service. This enables us to bring clarity and expertise that you can trust.

Length and breadth of sustainability services

RSK is adept at measuring and monitoring to collect information about a supply chain. We will collect qualitative and quantitative data to help you understand your agricultural value chain. By establishing where the key issues are, we can identify areas for improvement. There is a wide range of stakeholders in a supply chain from farmers through to the consumers. Our marketing specialists are well placed to support you in communicating sustainability messages effectively to all parts of your supply chain, including best practice production approaches to farmers, clarifying sustainability issues to consumers and creating understanding in your organisation. We can also help you to create and update your sustainability strategies, so they meet current and future business challenges. This will also help you identify future business opportunities.

Engaging group-wide strengths

RSK makes full use of its world-leading agricultural and environmental technical experts to provide knowledge and support. This makes us ideally placed to provide bespoke solutions, supported by evidence-based research, to help clients address some of the most pressing challenges facing their business. Moreover, we will ensure our clients will meet the challenges of consumer expectations on big issues such as climate change and environmental damage.

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Our Expertise

  • Water use

    We help companies understand how water is being used in the production of their agricultural raw materials and develop a range of tools that allow us to understand the practices that are in place on-farm.

  • Food waste

    We provide technical expertise to support organisations in optimising food production through managing surpluses and reducing waste.

  • Soils

    We provide the best-practice advice on soil use and management, soil quality, soil resource evaluation and protection, manufacture, remediation and storage.

  • Land use

    We provide services to assess the area of land needed to produce agricultural raw materials; once land-use requirements are identified, we can support identifying ways to reduce land requirements.

  • Alternative proteins

    We help to ensure sustainable production of alternative proteins such as insects and plants.

  • Responsible sourcing

    We provide a range of services to help businesses connect with their agricultural raw material supply chain and to understand their supply chain risks for key commodities, now and in the future.

  • Modern slavery

    We help companies reduce the risk of modern slavery in their value chain reduce slavery risk in the value.

  • Animal welfare

    We work with farmers, policymakers, retailers, food-service businesses, processors, universities and animal welfare organisations to set the agenda and improve animal welfare across the supply chain.

  • Pesticides

    We provide a combination of stakeholder engagement and expert understanding of pesticide usage to help a wide range of clients understand the implications of pesticides within their supply base.

  • Productivity

    We provide topical advice on how to increase your productivity.

  • Climate resilience

    We help clients to assess their vulnerability to climate change and extreme weather, which enables them to prioritise actions and implement adaptation plans.

  • Climate change

    We help to achieve greenhouse gas reductions with science-based targets.

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