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Topographical Surveys

A topographical survey is an accurate depiction of a property, an area of land or a defined boundary, which is scaled and detailed according to the spatial considerations. You need to visualise the land you want to develop and plan the scope of work needed. Therefore, obtaining the correct information early on can save considerable time and reduce cost. RSK has established itself one of the UK’s leading geophysical consultancy practices. We offer various topographic survey options ranging from a basic survey of the principal site features to a comprehensive topographic survey with all features mapped on an integrated CAD plan. We only use highly trained topographic land surveyors, which ensures you get the exact best fit for your site.

Experienced and knowledgeable team

RSK, through subsidiary Central Alliance and the geophysics team, provides a broad range of geophysical consultancy expertise, survey design and site investigation services with specific near-surface applications. We routinely apply state-of-the-art geophysical instrumentation to identify subsurface variations associated with man-made and natural phenomena. Our senior staff have international research profiles through their work in geophysical data collection and interpretation. We use the latest robotic total station surveying equipment and global positioning systems to acquire survey data rapidly. By using additional RSK services such as full-coverage utility mapping, all our services can be incorporated accurately into the topographic plan.

Alleviating clients’ concerns

The depth of services offered by us is matched by the sheer volume of challenges our clients face, whether at the pre-construction or construction phase. Our clients look to plan for alleviating the risk of floods, initiating urban planning and mobile network planning. Overall, clients are concerned about delivering the final product as per the specifications and programme of work.

We are not just a geophysical consultancy: in addition to flexibility and responsiveness, our traditional surveying techniques can be supported by other disciplines as aerial surveying or augmented using laser and/or lidar scanning. We aim to get our experts on-site, and our communication services team maintains a clear and continuous channel of updates in clear and concise language, reassuring you from your project’s inception to conclusion.

Depth of service

We use the latest survey technologies that include reflector-less and robotic total stations together with highly accurate GNSS receivers. Depending on the nature of the enquiry and the specification, where appropriate, we will use 3D laser scanners and mobile mapping systems, maintaining the highest possible standards while ensuring optimum efficiency. Our extensive services include nationwide land surveying in several sectors, including rail, highways, green and brownfield sites. Using building information modelling, an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering and construction professionals the insight and tools to efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure, our specialists create topographical surveys to the highest standard. We use laser scanning (which is quickly replacing traditional methodologies owing its fast capture and volume of data capabilities along with high accuracy) that captures point cloud data comprising millions of data points and can be used to construct 3D models. The versatility of laser scanning also allows us to work in more complex environments.

An integrated service

RSK is not just a geophysical consultancy, it is integrated with a geotechnical and contracting organisation. We can therefore offer a single-source solution through the provision of additional complementary services. We have established links with top UK universities, and we maintain a strong R&D profile.

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Our Expertise

  • Land surveying

    All our land surveys are conducted nationwide and in several different sectors such as rail, highways, green- and brownfield sites, and substations.

  • Building information modelling

    We use only experienced land surveyors, so you can be confident that topographical surveys are created to the highest standard.

  • Laser scanning

    High-definition 3D laser scanning surveys are replacing traditional methodologies owing its fast capture and volume of data capabilities along with high accuracy. The resulting point-cloud data, comprising millions of data points, can be used to construct 3D models. The versatility of laser scanning also allows work in more complex environments.

  • Mobile mapping

    RSK is the first company to offer the ground-breaking ROBIN–lidar mobile mapping system that provides three alternative mounting options rolled into one solution, allowing the user to map a variety of areas via walking, driving or flying.