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Spill and Pollution Response

24 hour incident response – 0333 999 7687

Inland oil spills are more common than those taking place in a marine environment and are a challenge to handle appropriately; they may be on a smaller scale, but can cause more damage to the environment and contaminate water sources. It is vital that a dedicated emergency response team be on site as quickly as possible to assess, contain and restrict damage to the environment.

Incidents can affect a range of companies and individuals across all sectors, from large-scale oil and gas, chemical, mining or industrial sites to property developers, transport companies and land agents or single businesses and private individuals. RSK’s fast-acting response to spills, large or small, can mitigate lasting environmental effects and minimise the financial, regulatory or stakeholder impact on our clients of an unplanned spill.

Emergency hotline

RSK has a dedicated incident response team on call 24/7 that offers rapid on-site assessment, advice and insight to alleviate concerns. With more than 70 regional offices, we have broad coverage across the UK and Ireland, and the necessary equipment and facilities to respond rapidly and create bespoke solutions for our clients.

Experienced responders

RSK’s dedicated teams, RSK Response and RSK Raw, have more than 25 years’ experience of providing this emergency service to the private and public sectors through regional offices and in-house laboratory facilities. We offer cost-effective and immediate response services to stabilise, assess and, if necessary, remediate the effects of pollution incidents. We investigate and remediate in excess of 600 pollution incidents each year on various sites including farms, factories, fuel depots, processing plants, utilities sites and domestic properties. From domestic heating oil leaks to harbour fuel spills and clean-up of contaminants including kerosene, milk, slurry and anti-freeze, RSK is an accredited responder. Our professionally trained team includes experts in containment, assessment and forensic investigation.

Our help does not end there; we can provide ongoing support through a range of interrelated services such as site investigation and remediation impact assessments.

Managing risk

Unplanned spills are more than a nuisance; they disrupt work, harm the environment and can become costly to remediate. RSK understands that clients want a rapid response to clean up contaminated land, water or impacted structures. However, most of all, they need experts to manage their environmental risks and liabilities. We practice cost transparency, employ dedicated project managers and maintain frequent and honest communication to ensure that unplanned spills and pollution do not escalate into anything more than a nuisance.

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Our Expertise

  • Initial spill response

    We conduct initial spill investigations and mitigation on site as part of our emergency response service.

  • Containment and clean up

    After an initial investigation, depending on the site, type of contamination and scale of the spill, we manage containment and clean-up to safely remove contaminants.

  • Health and safety risk management

    Our foremost priority is ensuring the health and safety of our clients and employees.

  • Reporting

    We produce post-incident and construction, design and management coordinator reports.

  • Analysis

    We have in-house laboratory services for chemical and geotechnical analysis.

  • Hazardous waste management

    RSK can manage the removal of fly-tipped and hazardous waste, and provide skip, soil excavation and tanker hire services.

  • Collection, treatment and disposal

    We can arrange for collection, treatment and disposal of used batteries, waste oil, oily rags and absorbents, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), fluorescent tubes, bagged asbestos-containing materials etc.

  • Flood response

    RSK is equipped to remove floodwater, silt and detritus from flooded assets and sanitise hard surfaces.