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Remediation Strategy

Contaminated land or soil is as a legacy of our industrial past. Effective remediation is essential to deal with residual contamination, which, if left untreated, could prevent redevelopment, reduce asset values, pose risks to human health and the environment, and pollute water resources.

The appropriate remediation of land can release brownfield land for redevelopment and reduce pressure on the green belt. To ensure a successful remediation project, it is vital to develop a sound and thorough strategy (including options appraisal and verification plans) and specification before implementation.

Benefit from our enduring expertise

RSK has been providing remediation strategy and design solutions for more than 25 years, both in the UK and internationally through its specialist Geosciences team, and subsidiary RemedX. RSK has more Specialists in Land Condition (SiLC) than any of its competitors and holds the UK’s largest team of geoenvironmental experts, so is well placed to provide an expert suite of land remediation advisory services to support the objectives of our property owner and developer clients. RSK has Specialist Qualified Persons (SQP) to enable remediation strategy documents to be declared under the National Quality Mark Scheme to accelerate regulator acceptance.

We provide a pragmatic approach to the preparation of a remedial solutions to meet the requirements of the regulators, particularly planning officers and contaminated land officers at local authorities and the Environment Agency, and undertake close regulatory liaison throughout the project. We also have considerable experience of specifying innovative, robust and cost-effective remedial systems, so they can be procured by competitive tender.

Overcoming complex challenges

Our clients range from house builders to energy producers yet we know that they share a common concern when taking on land requiring remediation – uncertainty!

Whether the uncertainty relates to complex environmental regulations or unforeseen ground conditions, the potential for significant delays and increasing costs is the same. This is why clients value our expertise in remediation strategy and design. Our input at an early stage helps to allay concerns, increase client confidence and control budgets and programmes.

Unlocking development potential

Our team is highly adept in preparing remediation strategy documents required by environmental regulators. We leave no stone unturned when preparing the documents, and good relationships with environmental regulators enables us to negotiate agreements and propose efficient solutions.

Site-specific remediation options appraisals help us put forward the most sustainable and bespoke solutions, which are essential for reducing the costs and time required to complete the remediation works.

While remediation is ongoing, we visit the site to confirm that all aspects of the remediation specification and strategy are being implemented. Our sizeable team and extensive network of regional offices ensure that we are always on hand to provide support if issues arise.

End-to-end remediation approach

Our full suite of remediation strategy and design services coupled with our remediation contracting ensures that we can provide end-to-end, bespoke remediation solutions to clients across all sectors, thereby enabling them to improve the value of their land, engage in redevelopment and adhere to environmental regulations.

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Our Expertise

  • Remediation strategy

    Before on-site remediation begins, our specialists prepare an in-depth remediation strategy document that summarises the work programme and site condition for environmental regulators, and identifies optimal remedial measures. The strategy is written to provide the regulators with confidence but retain flexibility in approach for the client.

  • Remediation options appraisal

    Before remediation, we assess all remediation treatment techniques and select the most sustainable method. We perform bench-scale and site-based pilot trials to inform our site-specific options appraisals, ensuring that the best and most sustainable solution is applied.

  • Remediation specification

    The remediation specification documents provide sufficient detail for the procurement of the remediation works with specialist contractors. Our expertise ensures that these documents include important features such as detailed drawings, detailed requirements and objectives to be achieved, earthwork models, materials management plans, verification sampling and testing criteria and, of course, a schedule of the information to be incorporated in the verification report, stating the work completed.

  • Verification reporting

    Attendance on site to observe and record the remediation work meets the approved strategy and strictly complies with all of the requirements of the specification provides assurances to clients that their investment is warranted.

    Close regulatory liaison throughout the remediation process ensures remedial goals are met and prompt regulatory sign-off is achieved.