Geotechnical Consultancy

Before the design and construction of any infrastructure project, whether on brownfield or greenfield land or on the seabed, the ground conditions must first be assessed. Geotechnical surveys identify ground conditions that need to be taken into account when designing the foundations, excavations and any stabilisation works associated with such developments. The resulting geotechnical solutions required for soft ground will clearly be significantly different to those required on rocky terrain and will vary between the two extremes. Unforeseen ground conditions can therefore have disastrous effects on both the technical suitability and progress of projects. The Tower of Pisa has its notorious lean because of the poor ground it is built on. A geotechnical investigation and subsequent design would have highlighted this issue had it been built now.

RSK’s specialist Geosciences team, and subsidiary Structural Soils, have the high-level expertise to provide both consultancy and contracting services for a wide range of infrastructure projects. Our skilled staff, with expertise in a wide range of disciplines including geology, engineering geology, geotechnics and civil engineering, can provide effective ground investigations and practical geotechnical solutions for projects of almost any type and scale.

50 years’ experience

We have more than 50 years’ experience of planning, specifying and managing comprehensive site investigations and providing geotechnical consultancy services for our clients. This helps remove the element of uncertainty from their project by greatly reducing the chances that unforeseen ground conditions will cause complications.

With a wider range of resources than our competitors, the need to outsource work is eliminated, and our fundamental understanding of geotechnical concepts allow the group to provide solutions to almost any ground related issue. We conduct desk-based geotechnical and engineering geology hazard assessments and complex geotechnical investigations, which then allow us to produce bespoke design solutions for our clients’ projects.

Understanding our clients’ challenges

Unforeseen ground conditions cause complications, delays and increased costs. We have great respect for our clients’ time and understand the frustrations and challenges that project delays and overspend can cause. Our comprehensive investigative and design solutions give our clients’ confidence that ground conditions will not hamper the progress of their project or produce additional costs.

Tailored design solutions

As well as designing and managing detailed geotechnical investigations, RSK boasts significant experience in design and build projects. Design services include producing plans for foundations, excavations and stabilisation works, curated to the specific needs of the site, to ensure our clients receive the best possible start to their project construction. Our team produces bespoke solutions to ground-related challenges our clients face, offering a single source solution by providing additional complementary services.

Reliable and responsive service

Our reliability and responsiveness help our clients to achieve planning permissions and regulatory approval for their projects swiftly, allowing them to continue without delay. We support our clients in both temporary and permanent design solutions with an entrepreneurial attitude, going the extra mile to provide the best solution to our client’s problems. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can provide expert witness advice on geotechnical problems. RSK can also offer a range of services alongside geotechnical services, such as remediation, drilling services and earthworks design.

Our broad range of knowledge, teamed with our extensive experience and commitment to our clients means we reliably provide high-quality investigative and design services that significantly reduce the risk that unforeseen ground circumstances will add time, cost and challenges to projects.

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Our Expertise

  • Geotechnical investigations

    In project planning stages, we plan, specify and manage complex geotechnical investigations, identifying issues early on to ensure the best possible solution is applied.

    Our team includes highly skilled geologists, engineers and geotechnical and civil engineers, enabling us to undertake a wide range of work, such as hydrogeological characterisation and directional drilling feasibility studies. RSK and its subsidiary Structural Soils are especially experienced in coal mining risk assessments and the subsequent investigations and suggested remediation.

  • Design

    Following ground investigations, we create bespoke design solutions tailored to the conditions of the site, including earthworks design and plans for temporary works such as working platform designs for piling rigs, cranes and scaffolding. Our services include specialised foundation design, such as shallow foundation plans and reuse schemes, and we frequently adopt traditional lump factor and Eurocode 7 approaches. We can provide design support work to clients and contractors involved in major infrastructure schemes involving large earthworks and remediation.

  • Engineering

    RSK offers foundation, basement and retaining wall engineering, as well as consultancy in the reuse of foundations. Where investigations have identified soft soil, we can provide specifications for ground improvement, band drain and surcharge design, and numerical analyses to predict soil and foundation behaviour.

  • Expert witness advice

    As a result of our comprehensive experience, we can provide valued and tailored geotechnical advice for both civil disputes and criminal proceedings.

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