Earthworks Design

Before construction, developers often require ground works to create a suitable landform for their project. Sites may contain natural or man-made constraints to development, such as foundations from previous structures, or geotechnically and environmentally unsuitable materials. Reprofiling may also be required to provide suitable construction platforms.

Earthworks design identifies and specifies the required works to address these problems and to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions that prioritise the maximum, appropriate reuse of site materials.

RSK’s dedicated Geosciences team, and subsidiary CWA, provide an integrated team of earthworks design specialists applying a wide breadth of knowledge and experience to offer solutions to complex in-ground challenges.

Thanks to our close collaboration with other in-house specialists, we can offer services for sites with ground conditions or locations that prove particularly challenging, such as former landfills and cliff/ slope faces, as well as integrating the earthworks and infrastructure designs.

End-to-end approach

With the capability to support our clients from assessment, investigation and design through to qualification and regulation, we offer an end-to-end approach to earthworks design.
Our clients, including tier 2 contractors and residential and commercial developers, trust us to provide high-quality, comprehensive services, such as site preparation works, value engineering solutions, and cost and programme certainty.

Managing risk

When undertaking construction projects, our clients face challenges that arise from difficult ground conditions and circumstances, budget restrictions, planning and regulatory requirements, community opposition and deadlines.

With several often-conflicting factors to manage, we understand our client’s concerns about risks and costs associated with earthworks design. We work closely with our internal specialists, whose expertise includes utility surveys, unmanned aerial surveys and remediation contracting, to manage risks and mitigate them via the most efficient, cost-effective methods.

Responsive and dedicated

We endeavour to respond promptly to any in-ground related challenges our clients face throughout a project and offer full-time supervision during site works to facilitate this. When producing bespoke earthworks designs, we consider a wide range of remedial options to ensure the most effective is applied, and subsequently provide the best value solution.

Throughout the stakeholder consultation process, we assist the client by offering a dedicated stakeholder management team and produce designs with minimal nuisance impact in mind. Our designs incorporate suitable contingency and backup solutions to minimise the impact of issues which occur throughout the project. Our in-house noise, air and asbestos teams can provide additional monitoring during the construction period to provide further re-assurance. Earthworks and design services are available as part of RSK’s wide variety of related services, which includes environmental impact assessments, geoenvironmental consultancy and remediation strategy.

Bespoke solutions

With a wide range of expertise and a proactive approach, our clients know that we will provide earthworks design services that focus on materials reuse, cost effectivity and the careful management of risk. We are dedicated to providing our clients with solutions curated to the needs of their site to improve site suitability and minimise disruptions throughout the project.

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Our Expertise

  • Assessments

    Our assessment services include
    • assessing existing documentation such as historic reports, previous investigations and historic mapping
    • initial site walkovers
    • service drawings
    • reviewal of flood risk
    • site ecology
    • due diligence reporting and initial site assessment reporting.

  • Investigation

    We provide a wide range of investigation services, including
    • utility surveys to verify the location of services
    • topographic surveys
    • site investigation design and intrusive site investigation
    • geotechnical testing and chemical testing
    • interpretation and reporting of results, and refinement of the conceptual model
    • ecological surveys.

  • Design

    Our team has a wide skillset for providing design services:
    • identifying level constraints
    • initial site model and proposed levels
    • coordination with infrastructure design
    • input to environmental impact statements
    • establishing required bearing capacities, settlement, slope stability and mining treatments required
    • classification of soils, suitability and location for reuse, assessing the potential to generate and recover specialist material grades
    • contaminated land risk assessments
    • assessment of remedial options for chemically or geotechnically unsuitable soils, and selection of treatment and improvement mitigation methods
    • assessment of structures for demolition and foundation removal
    • preparation of earthworks and remediation strategies
    • preparation of geotechnical design reports
    • waste recovery and other environmental permits
    • drafting of materials management and construction environmental management plans
    • principal designer services under construction design and management regulations
    • initial regulatory liaison.

  • Qualification and regulations

    Our qualification and regulation services include
    • preparing detailed ground models, cut, fill and process volumes, and development of principal quantities and bills of quantities
    • earthworks and demolition specifications
    • regulatory and planning approvals
    • earthworks supervision
    • preparation of information for clients sales packs
    • specialist remediation contracting services
    • geotechnical and environmental verification testing
    • verification reporting
    • regulatory approvals and close outs.

😮 80% of all brownfield development sites in the UK are impacted with asbestos in the soil or made ground at some level.

📌Join us on this webinar that will outline some of the major issues involved in the control of asbestos in made ground in site development, the potential impacts on options appraisal and techniques that can be used to minimise issues arising from these.

𝗦𝗽𝗲𝗮𝗸𝗲𝗿: Toby Gibbons, Operations Director of RSK Asbestos
𝗠𝗼𝗱𝗲𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿: Melissa Fox, Managing Director of RSK Asbestos

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🍃 To respond to the ongoing climate crisis, we need more renewable energy.

🌎 Recent global events have further highlighted the urgency of a smoother transition to net zero.

✔️ In this edition of our series Climate Realities, RSK Renewable Energy Director Mike Kelly explores the opportunity for offshore wind to contribute significantly to the UK’s response to the climate crisis and national energy demand.

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RSK Staff had an amazing time attending the Tameside Careers and Apprenticeship Exhibition!

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🌳 How can businesses improve their relationship with nature?

📌 Join Dr Rossa Donovan, Technical Director at Nature Positive, on a webinar that will explore how well the business community understands its dependencies and impacts on nature and how that translates into corporate strategies.

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RSK Tanzania has been out completing a reconnaissance field study for a proposed solar farm at Kilambo village in Iringa.

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