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Drilling Supplies and Engineering

Drilling is necessary for all manner of construction and development projects, including intrusive ground investigation, pile installation, mining and quarrying and civil engineering projects. Each project is unique, requiring different products to complete tasks effectively, and contractors often rely on a multitude of hire and supply companies for the correct equipment.

RSK and its subsidiary, Drilling Supplies and Hire Services, boasts a broad range of products and services to fulfil customers’ requirements. Our large stock of products, which includes installation materials and borehole covers, are available for next-day delivery nationwide, supplying clients with equipment suitable for their projects. Punctual and responsive services help our clients to deliver their objectives. With a friendly, personal and proactive approach to all enquiries, our clients trust us for all their drilling supply requirements.

Punctual services

We aim to provide a quality supply of installation services and consumables to the drilling industry. Our products and services are supplied promptly and are suitable for site and ground investigation, water wells, and geothermal industries, but can be adapted to suit any market.

Avoid delays and disruptions

Our clients are often working to meet strict deadlines: drilling often takes place in the early stages of projects, and so delays at this stage can result in subsequent delays, causing disruption and additional costs. We work collaboratively with our clients to supply suitable, cost-effective products, swiftly, allowing them to complete their objectives within deadlines.

Wide range of products

We offer a fully consumable supply for borehole installation materials, including plastic pipework for a range of functions, bentonites, steel casing and jack systems, and can react swiftly to urgent orders. Our clients, including site investigation contractors, individual subcontractors and the mining industry, trust us to supply products promptly. Combining a dynamic workforce with low overheads give us exemplary flexibility on pricing structures, enabling us to provide cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of projects and objectives. We offer bespoke engineering to customer designs, generating all of our own engineering drawings, and can reverse engineer any item from an example piece. Drilling services are often required for ground and site investigation, geotechnical contracting and civil engineering, all of which are also offered as part of a suite of services by RSK.

Proactive response

With our trusted and proven track record, and our proactive response to challenges, our clients trust us to supply cost-effective, high-quality services and equipment. Our dependable work allows our clients to carry out their project objectives without the concern that slow product supply will hamper progress.

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Our Expertise

  • Site and ground investigation

    We supply a wide range of products suitable for various site and ground investigations, including plastic installation materials, bentonites, core-liners, dipmeters and drilling muds.

  • Geothermal products

    RSK can offer steel casing supplies, drill bits and backfill materials suitable for geothermal developments.

  • Waterwell boreholes

    PVC plastic pipework and drill bits suitable for constructing water well boreholes are available for next-day delivery.