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Landscape Services

Whether you live in a small town, a city or the countryside, the landscape is an integral part of all our lives and we believe it should be placed at the forefront of any new development. Access to well-designed green spaces, especially in heavily developed urban areas, be they parks, public squares, community spaces and streets, has been proven to be beneficial to our health and indeed to our spirit and sense of well-being. Well-designed landscapes can enhance the character and qualities of a place, increase biodiversity and respond to the effects of a changing climate. Well-designed landscapes can provide functional, pleasant outdoor spaces, revitalise urban and neglected areas, and provide a setting to development where people, plants and animals can thrive and coexist.

RSK’s specialist environment team and RSK subsidiaries ADAS  and Twig  provide comprehensive landscape consultancy, planning, design and management services. We have landscape architects, managers, qualified Green Flag Award judges and chartered members of the Landscape Institute, who apply specialist knowledge and expertise to provide advice throughout the life cycle of landscape developments.

Integrated solutions

We have the capability to undertake a wide range of landscape projects and provide landscape-led solutions to development. We provide expert advice at the initial feasibility stage, highlighting any impacts and advising on methods of mitigation, through to sketch scheme proposals, detailed designs, and long-term management plans. Our integrated and collaborative services encompass landscape planning, landscape and visual impact assessment, masterplanning landscape design, and landscape management including invasive species management. We offer a single-source, cost-effective solutions to our clients’ requirements through the provision of additional complementary services provided by other specialist teams in RSK.

Deep understanding

With a strong understanding of potential landscape constraints and opportunities, we add value and help our clients to achieve their specific goals, be it obtaining planning consent, enhancing landscape amenity and design, or cost-effective landscape management and stewardship. By balancing competing technical, commercial and environmental constraints, we produce high-quality, cost-effective landscape-led solutions that work to our clients’ tight deadlines and within legislative restrictions, and provide benefit to the end users and to the environment.

Wide range of services

With a broad skillset and highly qualified team, we are well equipped to offer a wide range of services on projects of any size, significance or complexity. With an attention to detail and ability to work in demanding and time-pressured environments, our clients trust us to create unique spaces complementing architectural features and the character of the surrounding landscape. We are highly experienced in providing assessments and appraisals based on detailed surveys, which increase the likelihood of achieving successful planning applications. RSK offers specialist landscape architecture services as part of a wide variety of related services, which include environmental impact assessments, ecology and biodiversity monitoring, arboriculture, and vegetation management.

Trusted expertise

We use our varied expertise across landscape planning, design and management to assess the characteristics, history and potential of the site and its landscape context, and to understand the needs of land owners, managers and users. Our clients value our consistently responsive communicative approach and high-quality input based on robust specialist knowledge and experience.

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Our Expertise

  • Landscape planning

    Landscape planning entails the development and application of strategies, policies and plans to create successful environments in urban and rural settings. Our landscape consultants operate at all contexts and scales, from international to local, and on all types of development, advising on or managing proposals for changes that may affect the landscape as a resource in its own right or on people’s views and visual amenity. Our landscape planning services support clients at early stages of development and pre-planning applications and throughout the consenting process.

  • Landscape and urban masterplanning and design

    Our team designs solutions that reflect the unique identity and qualities of a location and which satisfy the needs of current and future stakeholders in a sustainable and aesthetically coherent way. We apply spatial design expertise to develop creative solutions to practical and aesthetic challenges brought by proposed development, and work with the client from the consenting process and throughout construction.

  • Landscape management

    Landscape management ensures that landscapes can be managed and maintained sustainably over time and can produce a viable ecosystem. Our landscape managers assess the characteristics, history and potential of landscapes, and the needs of the client and users. They prepare management plans and strategies, advise on designs and plans for new developments and provide management-based solutions to site issues, including the assessment, analysis and resolution of practical landscape issues.

  • Landscape and visual impact assessments

    Landscape and visual impact assessments (LVIA) and landscape and visual appraisals (LVA) are undertaken to identify and assess the likely effects of a proposed development on the surrounding landscape and visual amenity. We are experienced in producing LVIA and LVAs and preparing accurate visual representations (photomontage visualisations and verified views) that consider the scale of potential impacts, providing mitigation advice where necessary. Using the LVIA process as part of a landscape-led approach to development significantly increases the likelihood of achieving successful planning applications.