Clerk of works

With construction work typically involving multiple contractors, developers face the challenge of maintaining health, safety and quality standards across numerous companies and individuals. RSK and its subsidiary, Pellings, offers comprehensive clerk of works services as part of an award-winning multidisciplinary service, providing integrated design, property, facilities management and construction consultancy services to uphold standards throughout a project. We deliver an enhanced service by offering clerk of works expertise as either an individual service, or as part of a combined service with our construction consultancy and building surveying groups.

An experienced and knowledgeable team

Our skilled team operates across a wide range of project scales and types, including refurbishment, witness testing and new build projects, and applies a suite of management tools to deliver high quality outcomes. To ensure we provide a service tailored to the project requirements, we work collaboratively with our clients to understand their goals. By developing our quality monitoring schemes in-house, we offer a high value professional service, not just a trade based ‘checking service’.

Improved safety

Onsite health and safety is paramount for developers. In recent years, as client organisations have increasingly lost the capability to monitor and control the quality of their contracted services, managing health and safety has become more challenging. Our clerk of works services ensure that site works are undertaken properly and safely. With extensive experience, our impartial and committed inspection staff identify potential issues and take a proactive approach to resolving them.

Experienced professionals

We operate as part of a team of construction professionals which regularly includes project managers, employers’ agents, contract administrators and quantity surveyors, as well as specialists in areas such as fire risk assessment. Our close work with clients, who include national and regional main contractors and contractor developers, and our experience in a wide range of sectors allows us to provide expert advice curated to our clients’ needs. In addition to clerk of works expertise, we offer a range of related services, such as cost consultancy and quantity surveying.

Added value

Our clerk of works offer huge amounts of value with their practical understanding of construction and regular presence on construction sites. With a range of specialist knowledge, and experience in a wide range of projects, our clients trust us to consistently provide high quality services tailored to their requirements.

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Our Expertise

  • Refurbishment

    The RSK Group can provide clerk of works services for refurbishment projects, including the renewal of major external and internal components, remodeling and extensions.

  • New build projects

    Thanks to our experience in a range of sectors, our skilled specialists can offer expertise on many types of building projects.

  • Witness testing

    We can provide witness testing, including fire stopping and compartmentation undertaken by specialist contractors, structural fixing integrity and proof testing of complex components, off site inspections of any cladding components mockup, or testing of Fire Doors in accordance with BRE, British Standard requirements and evidencing of certifications.

  • Specialist areas

    Our team has experience in specialist areas, including building services installations, landscaping and public realm, construction and refurbishment to Passivhaus standards, modular construction, post construction and defects remediation.

🌎 As a global leader in the delivery of sustainable solutions, we won’t shy away from our role in the huge task the world faces – this has guided our growth over the last year.

💚 We strive for sustainability in all that we do and our commitment to this has been reaffirmed in our FY22 sustainability report.

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@facaderemedialconsultants's team were on-site with a contractor in Bristol, progressing another Building Safety Fund project! 👏

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😮 Natural wetlands are disappearing three times faster than forests: 35% of global wetlands were lost between 1970 and 2015, and overall, 85% have been lost since the 1700s.

💧 It's #WorldWetlandsDay, which aims to raise awareness of the vital role of wetlands for people and the planet.

💚 We need to change our mindset around these essential habitats and their importance.

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💚 From carbon neutrality to net zero, many terms and key phrases are often used interchangeably to talk about sustainability.

🤔 But what do all these keywords and phrases mean?

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RSK Geophysics Michael Puntorno out on-site providing SafeGround service avoidance for @rskgeosciences as part of a site investigation next to the River Trent.

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🌎 As the scale of worldwide habitat loss becomes clear, the biodiversity crisis is gaining more attention on the global stage.

🌳 We asked green roof and ecology expert Dusty Gedge for his views on creating more sustainable urban landscapes.

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Malcolm Croft is 86 years old and is still working hard at our @structuralsoils lab! 💚

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📢 RSK CEO Alan Ryder's interview with the @financialtimes' Andrew Hill in the How To Lead series is a fascinating study in how to develop a successful business with 11,000 employees in 40 countries while pursuing a passion for engineering practical solutions to the world's greatest challenges.

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