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Carbon and Sustainability

With climate change becoming an increasingly large concern, companies need to adapt quickly to reduce their carbon emissions and become more sustainable. Managing everchanging national and international regulations requires effective communication and an innovative, problem-solving approach. RSK’s dedicated Environment, Health and Safety team offers a range of energy and management services to assist clients in calculating and reducing their carbon footprint to subsequently meet regulatory requirements and generate financial benefits.

Innovative approach

With our innovative, responsive approach, our clients trust in our ability to provide prompt and technically robust turnarounds for assessments.

Integrated solutions

Our integrated solutions transform climate-change related challenges into opportunities for enhanced brand reputation, corporate sustainability, compliance requirements and lowered expenditure. Thanks to the expertise of our team in both the public and commercial sectors, we are equipped to provide a wide range of services, incorporating carbon management, sustainability and BREEAM assessments to offer complete, comprehensive carbon and sustainability services.

Overcoming challenges

Climate change is a rapidly growing concern, and we understand that our clients need to work towards and achieve sustainability. Our solutions support clients in achieving their sustainability goals through a combination of carbon management, BREEAM assessments and effective lighting mitigation, overcoming challenges caused by deadlines, budget restrictions, everchanging national and international regulations and variations in design and engineering input. Clients value our outstanding responsiveness, and ability to adapt and apply variances in national and international guidance.

Bespoke services

We work closely in collaboration with our clients to reduce emissions through internal employee engagement communication campaigns, specialising in carbon-related communication thanks to close work with our environmental communications team. Our specialist division offers BREEAM and lighting assessments, applying extensive experience of providing prompt, cost-effective BREEAM to both national and international projects. Frequent meetings, workshops and expert desk-based support guarantees that BREEAM is incorporated smoothly into projects, rather than as a tick box or bolt-on exercise. Through close work with our clients’ project teams, we identify opportunities and constraints and apply a suite of bespoke assessment tools and trackers tailored to the project needs.

Carbon and sustainability services are often required as part of environmental impact assessments and social management and assessments. RSK offers these as part of a multidisciplinary, one-stop service, providing clients with efficient and cost-effective services throughout the duration of the project.

Responsive and pragmatic

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide innovative, integrated solutions to our clients’ carbon and sustainability challenges while maintaining a high level of accuracy throughout our assessments. Our team endeavours to offer clients the best possible service, with a consistently responsive and pragmatic approach.

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