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Archaeology and Heritage

Archaeology and the historic environment are the physical representations of our past with the potential to expand and reshape our understanding of human history. However, development projects often regard them with trepidation owing to their reputation for delaying projects and increasing costs. Effective management of the historic environment can alleviate and prevent these issues while preserving the archaeological record for the public domain thus turning potential problems into opportunities.

We specialise in understanding and meeting the needs of our clients to help them comply with the requirements of heritage legislation and planning policies while meeting best practice, standards and guidance for the heritage sector. Our in-house archaeology and heritage services can be offered directly to your organisation or as a part of an integrated team of specialists.

An experienced and knowledgeable team

Our archaeologists – in the EIA, planning and design team and in RSK companies Headland Archaeology and ADAS – are experienced in providing archaeological and heritage services in the UK and abroad. We pride ourselves on our ability to see a project through all the stages of archaeological work from pre-planning consultation to discharging planning conditions, producing project publications and public outreach.

We aim to provide our clients with a flexible service focused on them, tailored to best suit their needs. At the earliest stages of a project, we can identify potential archaeological risk, usually as a part of the project design, before the application for planning consent or land acquisition. We also provide the in-house services to manage the risk with geophysical surveys, aerial surveys, site investigations, watching briefs and historic building recording. Post-excavation work completes the integrated service with report writing and finds, skeletal and environmental analysis before presenting the finished product.

Mitigating archaeological risk

We have worked with clients from an extensive range of industries, from transport and renewables to property development. We know that a common concern across all sectors engaged with development is the possibility of encountering unexpected heritage assets during their project.

The potential consequence of this is significant delays and increased costs. This is where our expertise and experience in project management and archaeology comes into play. We have no hidden research agendas; our business is aligned with our clients’ interests. We identify and mitigate archaeological risks while being cost effective, fulfilling all planning and legal requirements and maintaining high standards.

Utilising a proactive approach

Archaeological projects come in all shapes and sizes, and we have built teams capable of handling whatever a project may throw at them. Our established relationships with heritage curators that enables us to proactively negotiate and propose efficient solutions to any problems.

Our network of regional UK offices ensures that we can quickly mobilise support for projects if and when issues arise. Our staff are not limited geographically and can provide resource to any part of the country. Additionally, we have invested in staff training and professional development to ensure that they can handle unfamiliar situations or projects with ease.

An integrated service

RSK’s full suite of archaeological and heritage services forms a part of the collective services offered by the group. We can provide bespoke archaeological solutions to our clients across all sectors and through all stages of a project, from pre-planning to consent, working in conjunction with other services and thereby enabling our customers to embark on their development initiatives while adhering to heritage regulations and legislation without sacrificing quality.

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Our Expertise

  • Consultancy

    Our consultants provide input throughout all project stages. They deliver appraisals; heritage statements; rapid constraints reports; risk-, desk-based and environmental impact assessments; aerial surveys; expert witness services; and management plans.

  • Geophysical surveys

    The geophysics team has more than 40 years’ cumulative experience of organising, undertaking and interpreting geophysical surveys. We have the capacity to provide magnetometer, earth resistance, electromagnetic, earth resistance imaging, ground-penetrating radar and metal detector surveys.

  • Archaeological investigations

    We have the scale and expertise to conduct field projects investigating archaeological remains throughout the UK. This service includes evaluations, excavations, watching briefs and historic building recording.

  • Post-excavation

    Part of providing an integrated service involves work transforming field data into a report and sometimes a publication. We are experts in providing finds and environmental analysis, osteoarchaeology, geoarchaeology and illustration services.