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Paul Bottomore RSK Habitat Management Managing Director
RSK Habitat Management
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Arboriculture and Vegetation Management

The arboriculture industry contributes more than £700 million to the UK’s GDP and employs almost 600,000 people, which makes it a far-from-insignificant market. RSK’s arboriculture experts are actively contributing to the longevity and prosperity of this industry in the UK.

Combing our diverse services

As the UK’s only multidisciplinary consultant to have an in-house habitat management team, combined with two specialist companies in bts and Twig, RSK provides a single-source solution for its clients on complex projects. From tree planting, surgery and surveys to utility arboriculture and managing vegetation on large- and small-scale projects, we are equipped with the specialists and equipment to dispatch agile and regionally located teams to a project at short notice.

Understanding complex challenges

Most of our clients, from diverse sectors, look to us to help with the seasonal constraints of working with protected species and adhering to regulatory obligations. We understand these concerns and respond by delivering a high-quality service, with a keen focus on and safety, which is easily adaptable to complex sites with significant health, environmental and quality constraints. We also offer our expert advice and intercompany expertise to help clients to overcome project barriers and hurdles.

Innovation and highly trained personnel

RSK supplies tree surgery, planting and surveying, utility arboriculture and a range of vegetation services across most of the UK. Our specialists are highly trained and adept at operating and repairing electrical- and petrol-driven garden machinery, including chainsaws, strimmers, hedge trimmers and brush cutters. Our extensive range of services includes clearing scrub and hedgerow, sectional tree felling, crown lifting and pruning, mechanical tree felling, chirping, and hibernacula creation.

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Our Expertise

  • Tree planting

    We are experienced in tree planting from small whips to mature trees. With a strong emphasis on the value of native species in encouraging the re-establishment of wildlife communities, we specialise in supplying and planting trees, shrubs and hedges, from a single specimen to large-scale tree planting and, where possible, sourced from UK suppliers.

  • Tree surgery

    Our fully qualified and experienced tree surgeons will sympathetically carry out all tree surgery to BS 3998 (2010)with minimal disruption. We ensure full health, safety and environmental assessments are completed before starting any tree surgery work, following all relevant risk and method statements. We can access tree canopies using LOLER-checked ropes and harnesses or mobile elevating work platforms. Our services include felling, crown reduction, crown thinning, crown lifting, dead wooding, stump grinding and veteran tree management.

  • Tree surveys

    RSK provides professional health and safety tree surveys that enable its clients to understand and manage any risk to and from their trees. Tree risk assessment always begins with understanding the client’s priorities, including safety, aesthetics and risk areas. We will efficiently and accurately collect all the data (up to 40 individual elements per tree) needed in one site visit.

  • Sensitive staged cutting

    Vegetation clearance should be undertaken with care from March to September to avoid disturbing nesting birds and other wildlife. If work is needed outside of the optimal periods, we can undertake pre-commencement checks to ensure that all tasks fall within best practice guidelines and according to the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

  • Cutting and clearance off site

    Our specialists can remove waste material and dispose of it off site, and recycle materials where possible, i.e., chipping and composting. We will also keep vegetation, when possible, on site to enhance habitat for target species while reducing costs.

  • Hibernacula creation

    We offer habitat creation for species such as reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. We make our hibernacula from logs, stone and turf topped with soil then seeded or finished with turf.