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Sustainability reporting

Sustainability has become a buzz-word that everyone, from oil and gas multinationals to government bodies and small businesses, is using to frame the way they tell their story to the world. However, to use sustainability as an effective communication tool, organisations need to assess and understand the expectations of their stakeholders, credibly measure their impacts and adapt their messages to the needs of target audiences.

This involves more than just telling people that a business is sustainable; nowadays, you must also be able to demonstrate how, that is, communicate correctly to the desired audience. This is a skill that is much in demand and, as a part of our end-to-end service offering, we are happy to provide it for our clients.

Communicating around the world

For more than 10 years, RSK’s communication services team has been helping customers around the world to describe the social, environmental and economic impacts and performance of their businesses. This experience has allowed us to build our offering into a comprehensive range of sustainability communication and reporting services.

Our team combines subject matter expertise in sustainability and a wide range of business disciplines with writing and design skills that some of the best-known companies in the world value. The team has access to the group’s in-house sustainability practitioners who can help businesses develop sustainability strategies that are underpinned by informative and credible reporting.

For those already reporting their progress towards becoming more sustainable businesses, RSK companies provide a range of remediation, mitigation and prevention services that turn their strategies into measurable improvements over the reporting cycle.

Creating a reputation for sustainability

People are becoming more socially conscious of what they consume and which companies they support with their business. Having a good reputation for sustainability and communicating that to the public is becoming increasingly essential to maintaining a successful business.

Sustainability is also becoming a priority when it comes to certain contracts and licences to operate. In some cases, in order to keep or obtain a licence, a business must be able to demonstrate its sustainability. This is where we come in to help ensure your aims are communicated clearly and correctly.

Providing proof

Our process is designed to be as painless and comprehensive as possible, a bespoke end-to-end reporting service. We have staff trained to report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative sustainability reporting standards and practiced in applying industry-specific reporting guidelines for food and farming; oil and gas; built environment and infrastructure; and other sectors.

A range of content is used to engage the reader, communicate the company’s position and fulfil reporting requirements. For example, case studies substantiate claims, interviews and profiles add a human dimension and key sustainability indicators quantify performance.

Our sustainability communication consultants write in plain English. Their skill lies in engaging, informing and influencing by clearly describing customers’ social, environmental and economic impacts and performance. They recognise the importance of their work in minimising business and reputational risk and driving improvements in business sustainability; accurate and transparent disclosures that stand up to scrutiny are their specialty.

Communications you can count on

RSK’s communication services team offers a comprehensive range of environmental, social and governance, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability communication and reporting services to an international client base. Through print and digital media, we help organisations to reach their stakeholders and address legitimate expectations for accountability.

Our team is well-qualified to deliver persuasive communication collateral that combines subject matter expertise with writing and design skills that are valued by some of the best-known companies in the world.

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