Information management

In the modern world, it has become the norm that businesses operate with their information in the digital domain. Whether in a small, family-run company, a privately owned conglomerate or a worker-owned and run cooperative, entire systems, from human resources and maintenance to finance, are going digital. Therefore, the need for purpose-specific software or a digital-specialist company to help navigate and manage digital information networks is immense. Today’s customers demand to be a swipe or a click away from content. To retain this connection to consumers, businesses must embrace and master the technology that delivers the required solutions.

Cognica, an RSK company based in the UK, aims to bring companies into the online digital era by providing solutions, systems and consultancy centred on the efficient collection, collation and delivery of information. It has extensive experience of managing data, assets and documents, and of deploying its collation and delivery solutions. The Swindon-based company’s customers include many of the UK’s largest construction firms, private residential investors, major utility companies and highly ranked universities.

Critical services

Cognica specialises in transferring a company’s manual systems online. Its services cover operation and maintenance manual collation for any new build or refurbishment, including commercial buildings; building logbooks; building and home user guides; residential and student user guides; mechanical and engineering (M&E) manuals; planned preventive maintenance (PPM) schedules; and asset registers. The company has ISO 9001 certification for the collation and delivery of information, and BSI verification certification to PAS 1192-2:2013 for building information modelling (BIM) level 2 delivery. The company is a member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and is registered with Builder’s Profile, Constructionline and Acclaim.

Data-led solutions

Generally, Cognica clients are seeking regulatory compliance (specifically to the Building Regulations, including Regulation 38), seamless and professional handover of documentation, or to improve a project’s sustainability and carbon footprint. However, obstacles relating to subcontractors or significant issues with the supply chain can stall a project.
To avoid this, we strive to deliver a single source of the truth in an affordable way to improve site management efficiency and support cost savings. Unlike its competitors, Cognica enables full-life-cycle management of estates by combining all its services into easy-to-use, cost-effective digital solutions while also providing ownership of the data to its clients.

Delivering relevant and accurate information

Cognica is a professional organisation that manages and delivers handover documentation, whether the project involves a high-specification office, a water treatment works or a school. Our mission is to ensure that documentation and information are relevant and accurate, delivered on time and easily accessible for project teams, building owners and operators. We work closely with other companies in the RSK group to provide bespoke solutions for clients through a one-stop shop.

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Our Expertise

  • Consultancy

    We provide independent support and consultation regarding best practice for the design, collation and delivery of documentation onto multiple platforms. We support customers on their journey to the digitalisation and life-cycle management of their estates by focusing on customer-centric solutions.

  • Digital twins

    Cognica’s Insite360 service, powered by NavVis IndoorViewer, provides you with a digital twin of your building or estate. It is an all-in-one viewer that enables you to visualise your estate through your browser using accurate laser point cloud technology. This is the next generation of technology for the built environment and provides accurate mobile mapping for indoor spaces.

    On average, people spend 90% of their time indoors, yet most mapping is just of outdoor spaces. IndoorViewer enables stakeholders to explore and interact with the scanned space as if they were on-site. It is easy to use and does not require any software, downloads, or plugs-ins: just access via a browser.
    Users can view and search for information, objects and points of interest; this enables training on all areas of work. Carbon footprint is reduced through not travelling to work sites and the health and safety risk to workers attending sites multiple times is decreased. Insite360 also enables easier collaboration; before a site visit, subcontractors and employees can become familiar with the assets that they are reviewing and any risks associated with the site.

    Cognica’s digital twin offering is proven to decrease project execution times by 20%, increase the adoption of best practice by 15%, decrease travel expenses by 40% and eliminate 70% of planning errors.

  • Document management solutions

    Cognica’s legacy solution exploits the storage advantages of digital information by collecting, collating and delivering legacy information for a facility into a new format. The source information can be in various formats and come from a range of situations. Converting legacy information into a new, easier format means that archive documentation is identified, indexed, organised and stored such that it is easily managed, accessed and maintained.

    Cognica’s bespoke solutions enable the delivery of project handover documentation to a management system or library. A live document management system is now the preferred option because of the new building regulations that are coming into force, especially fire legislation. Cognica can assist businesses in the transition from static to digital management and consult on best-practice design and delivery of documentation. This includes taking legacy, paper-based documentation and digitising it.

    Moving from static documentation enables a gap analysis of the data, thereby facilitating the identification of any non-compliance that will help a business to improve health and safety on its sites, upgrade decision-making and plan its road to becoming compliant.

  • Operation and maintenance collation solutions

    Cognica’s collation solution is a professional option for efficiently collecting, collating and delivering project handover documentation for any construction or information project to BIM standard, if required. The solution comprises an end-to-end document management process, including clear specification of requirements; active project management with ongoing visibility of the completion level; proactive liaison with suppliers to expedite the receipt of documentation; a user-friendly system for accessing and reviewing the information; and flexible delivery, such as electronic or hard copy, or direct input to a client’s system.

  • Lifecycle management

    Lifecycle management brings together all of Cognica’s services and involves the complete management of a building’s life cycle from design to maintenance via live documentation, site digitalisation, ongoing maintenance and asset management. This is now becoming more pertinent as compliance and legislation change to embrace full-life-cycle management, enabled by digitalisation.

    With over 20 years of experience, Cognica works with businesses in various sectors, from construction to utilities and facilities management, helping them to become more efficient, save time and money, and manage risk in their businesses. This takes the onus away from the customer, which is enabled to focus on its speciality while we focus on ours.

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