Strategic Infrastructure Consultancy

When faced with strategic, operational or commercial challenges, executives, boards and/or management often benefit from the expertise of management consultants to provide a fresh, holistic perspective on what they need to do to adapt their organisation to the challenges they face.

WRc, an RSK group company, delivers innovative management and technical consultancy solutions to strategic infrastructure clients. The company has a proven track record in helping clients to solve their strategic and operational challenges, and supporting them to deliver resilient, effective and sustainable services.

Our skilled consultants work across all industry sectors, with private- and public-sector bodies, and on a wide range of issues using their cross-sector experience to deliver bespoke interventions that truly add value.

Multifaceted services

Our teams deliver innovative management and technical consultancy solutions to clients throughout the UK. Those clients manage some of the nation’s most strategically important infrastructure. Through its in-house specialists and using decades of industry experience, the company can apply cross-sector knowledge to understand, adapt and improve clients’ performance – from the boardroom to field operations – so that they are more resilient to the challenges they face. The company’s overarching service offering is business improvement and transformation based on the principles of good asset management.

Our consultants focus on the corporate and operational drivers and enablers of business change by utilising proven asset management methods to deliver resilient and sustainable improvements to the way clients manage their organisations. In partnership with WRc, clients develop a deep understanding of their assets and how their use aligns with their organisational goals. This opens the door to prioritised investment activity based on sound data and risk-based need, thereby enabling interventions to deliver the greatest value in the short and long terms.

Understanding clients; applying decades of experience

Our clients, though from different industrial sectors, often encounter similar challenges. Consequently, we draw on our cross-sector experiences to develop pioneering solutions that help to improve their operations and deliver more efficient and effective services to their customers. Learning from our cross-sector experience, we quickly develop a contextual understanding of the problem that enables us to consider and apply impactful recommendations that others may not consider. We have an expert understanding of the different commercial, legislative and regulatory drivers that our clients face. We understand the obligations they are under and can review their strategies, policies and plans to assess how effective they will be.

Clients have described our services as ‘refreshingly different’ and we do not disagree.

Group-wide excellence

Owing to our central location in the UK and the 70 RSK group offices throughout the country, we can access a vast range of highly specialised services to help complete a project successfully. We bring an independent, expert perspective to any project that is unbiased and focused on value. Our judgment is clear and impartial; we provide an expert opinion from a source that is free of emotion and personal sensitivity.

Our skilled and experienced project managers have proven track records in delivering complex projects to time, budget and quality with professionalism, integrity, experience and enthusiasm. We are acknowledged for integrating well with our clients’ teams and acting as trusted advisers across a project’s life cycle.

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Our Expertise

  • Asset management

    Asset management is the coordinated activity of an organisation for realising value from assets. It covers the life cycles of all assets – tangible or intangible, simple components or complex systems. Our asset management capabilities successfully integrate engineering and management consulting disciplines to support our clients with the effective management, operation and investment in their assets.

  • Business improvement and transformation

    The business landscape can change quickly and dramatically. Organisations need to be dynamic and adapt to changes in their operating environment to ensure that they can remain competitive and meet their objectives and customers’ needs in an efficient, effective and sustainable way. We provide a range of business improvement and transformation services using our wealth of cross-sector experience to deliver effective, pragmatic and innovative solutions that deliver recognisable improvements and embed change. These services include operational performance benchmarking, process mapping and analysis, knowledge capture, training and programme management.

  • Governance and assurance

    Organisations rely on high-quality, accurate and reliable information to enable them to make informed operational and investment decisions. We have a track record of providing governance and assurance services to our clients. By drawing on our commercial, technical and regulatory expertise, we ensure that our clients are following suitable business processes, meeting their regulatory and legislative obligations, and accurately reporting their performance to their internal and external stakeholders. Our experts typically use a variety of techniques to investigate and assess the governance and assurance processes used by clients, including stakeholder interviews, document reviews and process analysis.

  • Operational resilience

    Resilience is often described as the ability of a system to resist, respond and recover from the shocks, stresses and strains affecting it. Resilience is not a fixed property; it changes over time in response to the shifting challenges and objectives organisations face. Our system of systems approach helps businesses understand their operations and determine how resilient they are to a bespoke community of threats. We identify and quantify risks to each business operation and outcome, assess the operations resilience against the identified risks and develop resilience improvement initiatives and road maps to enable our clients to become more resilient.

  • Strategy and planning

    Organisations need a clear vision setting out their long-term goals, objectives and targets. This strategic vision needs to be supported by aligned strategies and plans that not only help to realise the vision but also enable the organisation to be resilient to the threats facing its operations. Our experts help our clients to understand and prepare to operate in their future operational environments, define objectives and establish suitable strategies, policies and plans to help them meet their targets.

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