Solar Power Engineering

As technology progresses, the demand for solar energy generation has increased. Seizing on this shift in global energy markets, RSK and its subsidiary business CAN launched CAN Renewables. CAN Renewables is passionate about the environment and sustainability and, like you, it knows that solar power is vital to achieving a net-zero and carbon-free future. The company services clients in the solar sector by combining expertise in renewable energy and practical technical solutions to deliver solar power engineering solutions.

Supported by decades of experience

Bringing together RSK and CAN’s decades of experience, CAN Renewables is a new company with extensive technical expertise. It is a specialist structural, civil and geotechnical engineering contractor offering a collaborative and technical approach to installing, operating and maintaining equipment and software. Through working with RSK’s many companies, CAN Renewables understands the challenges facing the energy sector and focuses on uniting a wealth of experience to take renewable energy schemes from concept to reality. We work in almost every environment and geography and deliver new-build and retrofit solar schemes.

Reaping natural and sustainable benefits

As specialists operating in an environment we understand, our goals are to protect your investment safely, to enhance its performance and to prolong asset life. We deliver comprehensive solar power engineering services, including structural viability assessments and roof inspections; micropile, ground-mounted and roof-top installations; groundworks; and de-vegetation. We have a proven record of finding innovative ways of delivering complex projects safely by uniting with other specialists throughout the RSK group.

Safety and sustainability: parts of our DNA

CAN Renewables is deeply committed to the safety of its staff, clients, stakeholders and the greater community. All operations, whether field- or office-based, adhere to the requirements of RSK’s safety, health, environment and quality management systems. As they work in challenging environments, the safety and well-being of our technicians are crucial, as is our commitment to completing projects on time and within budget.

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Our Expertise

  • Assessments and design

    Renewable energy systems must be well designed for their environments. We offer our clients structural viability assessments and roof inspections, and, from within the wider RSK group, we also offer services for site finding and planning for solar energy schemes; asset management system design and build; and ISO 55001:2014 certification support.

  • Installation

    Installing renewable energy systems requires specialist knowledge that CAN Renewables has compiled into one offering, thereby providing clients with micropile, ground-mounted or roof-top installations, groundworks, de-vegetation and rope access engineering to guarantee the seamless installation of the system.

  • Maintenance and repair

    Once a system is in place, it is essential to maintain it so that it will operate efficiently. We offer unmanned aerial vehicle inspections and aerial surveys, operational maintenance and retrofits, and module cleaning. Utilising resources within RSK, we also offer solar farm landscaping and ground management services.

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