Flood Risk Assessment

RSK works with residential developers, commercial clients and energy sector clients, offering its full range of services to assist in all aspects of hydrology, flood risk, drainage and water quality management. From initial investigations and due diligence to detailed assessments and monitoring, we have the necessary skills to help.

Innovative services to stem the tides

RSK’s dedicated Land and Development department, which includes teams of engineers, scientists, hydrologists and project managers, focus on understanding clients’ business demands and technical requirements. We work as a partner delivering technically proficient, innovative solutions that ensure a sustainable solution is delivered on time and in budget. With more than 30 years’ experience, we are skilled in combining engineering, environmental and economic skills to support decision makers in pre-empting and coping with flood risk. We have decades of experience in developing planning strategies and appropriate techniques for flood risk mitigation.

Our primary suite of services includes flood risk management, developing drainage strategies and providing water quality advice. Our regional teams are experts at assessing surface and foul water drainage and designing mitigating measures. We are up to date with the relevant National Planning Policy Framework and local plans and policies, which enables us to assess water resources and hydrological issues. We also undertake floodplain modelling and mapping.

Plans for every scenario

Our client base is diverse: we primarily work for residential developers, commercial clients and the energy sector industry. However, planning consultants and architects also commission us, and we have experience of working on rail sector projects and with local authorities and housing associations.

Aside from seeking diligent and efficient work, our clients look to gain planning permission or meet other regulatory requirements. One of the biggest issues for our clients is delivery timescales so that they can meet other target dates in their programme. Our experience, flexibility and responsive nature means that we can help, quickly, when delays or other problems in the planning process arise. By being diligent, professional and drawing on established relationships with consultees, we act fast and efficiently to allay our clients’ concerns and help them to meet deadlines.

Our assured services

The flood risk and hydrology team undertakes a vast range of services including flood risk assessments, surface and foul water drainage strategies, fluvial and surface water modelling, hydrological assessments, site development constraints assessments, BREEAM assessments, environment statements, utilities assessments, water quality advice/assessments and due diligence reports. The hydrology team forms part of our land and development engineering business unit, which is a multidisciplinary civil and structural engineering design consultancy.

With the provision of additional, complementary services as part of a single-source solution, we have greater resources than our competitors, which translates into cost savings for our clients as there is no need to outsource work. As a flood risk and hydrology team, we are concerned with all things in the natural water cycle, from rainfall to runoff.

Our skills also extend to environmental mitigation and sustainable advice, which is delivered by an effective communication team that keeps clients fully informed of project progress. The flood risk and hydrology team also work closely with other technical specialists to ensure an integrated approach to any project.

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Our Expertise

  • Flood risk management

    A flood risk assessment quantifies the level, flow or volume of water in a river or stream, on land, in soils, or in a pond or reservoir. It is used to assess the fluvial, tidal, pluvial or groundwater flood risk to a site and to advise on the appropriate mitigation measures to incorporate into development, including raising finished floor levels, floodplain compensation and safe access, as well as advising on constraints associated with assets such as ditches and culverts.

  • Surface and foul water drainage assessment and design

    We are qualified to undertake surface and foul water drainage assessments, including individual householder applications up to large-scale mixed-use schemes. Many areas can be affected by surface water flooding in different ways. A rural area will have limited drainage infrastructure, which could leave lanes, fields and village streets vulnerable to surface water flooding. Traditional development on top of greenfield environments will reduce natural flood routes and increases the runoff volume; therefore, our expertise can advise on appropriate solutions for mitigating this. Our specialists can also undertake assessments of the likely impacts of additional stresses on foul water drainage networks.

  • Water resource assessments

    We help to appraise the likely impacts of development on water resources at the local and regional scale. Our experts can help reassure or alert developers, planners and land managers to issues of potential concern regarding impacts on water resources.

  • Hydrological analysis, floodplain modelling and mapping

    Our specialists help to define areas that are at risk of flooding and refine flood modelling and mapping to inform this. We have expertise in using the Flood Estimation Handbook and use Flood Modeller software to model fluvial and surface water flood extents up to industry-accepted standards, including allowances for considering climate change. Modelling and mapping outputs are discussed with relevant approving authorities and incorporated into site-specific development advice.

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