Civil Engineering

Civil engineering, in its textbook definition, is designing, constructing and maintaining the physical and naturally built environment. RSK understands the vast reach of civil engineering. Our civil engineering division undertakes the full spectrum of associated services for a vast range of clientele.

Informed backgrounds and successful collaboration

RSK’s civil engineering teams – CWA, KMG, land and development engineering, Acies , RoC Consulting and CR Civil Engineering – are populated by senior management that come from development backgrounds, having worked in-house for major UK housing developers for many years. This means that we are proactive in our approach to the development process and, specifically, we understand our clients’ needs. By working closely with other RSK business units, especially geosciences, means that we can bring a full skill set to deliver the best solutions for our clients. Our civil engineering team has extensive experience of designing drainage and highways for new developments, including earthworks, cut-and-fill volumetrics, external works design, site access and sustainable drainage systems. Our design solutions all adhere to local and national regulations.

Meeting challenges with ingenuity

Our client base is diverse. As such, we are contracted to administer a vast array of services. Sometimes that can be helping to deliver a private sale or affordable housing, or to allay concerns regarding the planning process or when encountering technical issues unaccounted for in original budgets. Owing to our experience, we can develop cost-effective solutions to your complex problems. We identify risks at an early stage and help you to understand and mitigate them, keeping construction costs as low as possible.

Our services: a closer look

We work on a wide range of developments for many clients across the UK and mainland Europe at all stages of the design process: pre-acquisition, planning and detailed design through to construction. Having expert knowledge in the field of civil engineering allows us to provide you with valued engineered solutions on the most complex and constrained sites, such as engineering due diligence before buying land; feasibility and value engineering to support planning applications; designing highways, drainage and structural engineering; completing structural surveys of existing buildings and other structures; assessing hydrology and flood risks; securing regulatory consents and approvals; and analysing and problem solving during and after construction.

Engaging group-wide strengths

Connecting to the group’s large resource affords us the flexibility to add specialist resources to projects when programme constraints change, as they frequently do. Although RSK is growing through acquisitions, it retains an intimate consultancy environment that provides clients with a personal service; directors often stay involved with projects throughout the design process. Moreover, our long and qualified track-record of successfully delivering complex development schemes to very demanding timescales and our ability to react quickly and effectively to changes makes us a unique partner in your programme and one that will support you to deliver the solutions you want.

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Our Expertise

  • Pre-acquisition land appraisals

    Prepared for landowners and developers, pre-acquisition land appraisal reports are a vital element of addressing the potential risks associated with a proposed development. The objective of the report is to provide information on anticipated development costs, liability and programme risks. We can agree the scope of the appraisal to suit your risk exposure or contractual commitment at any time to provide a cost-effective service.

  • Highways and drainage design

    Highways and drainage designs are conducted using industry-standard software, including the flood simulations required by the adopting water companies and lead local flood authorities. RSK submits documentation to the water and highways authorities for approvals; once granted, coloured Section 38 highway and Section 104 sewer drawings are prepared for the appropriate legal adoption agreements.

  • Earthworks design and cut-and-fill assessments

    Earthworks design and cut-and-fill assessments are used to determine optimum finished ground levels, generate cross-sections and calculate depth contours to minimise cut-and-fill volumes. If the site is contaminated, our engineers will liaise with the environmental consultant to prepare details of any remediation action plans required as mitigation for development or environment.

  • Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS)

    Used in conjunction with conducting strategic drainage design, SuDS are increasingly required to comply with planning, building regulations and lead local flood authority policies. Our knowledge of the industry standards allows us to undertake detailed design and modelling of holistic SuDS solutions taking into consideration water quality, water quantity, amenity and biodiversity.

  • Utility assessments

    Utility assessments serve new developments. The scope of work includes obtaining quotations and proposals for service terminations, diversions and new supplies from the utility companies.

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