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Carbon and Sustainability

The effective management of economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection is critical to the long-term sustainable success of our clients. As part of this, the severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts of climate change are becoming increasing concerns for many businesses and communities. Our clients are looking for ways to reduce their own climate impacts and to adapt to climate change effects to improve their climate resilience. To help them to achieve this, a dedicated RSK team offers a wide range of carbon-management and sustainability services to support clients ongoing and long-term prosperity in line with everchanging legislative and stakeholder requirements.

Innovative and integrated solutions

Our innovative and integrated solutions transform climate change challenges into opportunities for enhanced brand reputation and potential cost savings. Moreover, our solutions ensure adherence to corporate sustainability commitments and compliance obligations through the application of our multisector expertise. This enables our clients to meet any carbon-management or sustainability challenge and to maximise their opportunities for future success in a sustainable global economy.

Overcoming challenges

We understand the needs of our clients for enhancing the sustainability of their businesses. Our experience in meeting those needs extends from boardroom to site level through providing advisory support and on-the-ground contractor resources, thus enabling us to develop pragmatic yet dynamic actions to realise sustainable solutions while being mindful of potential programme and budgetary constraints. Our extensive range of carbon and sustainability services, and our ability to adapt and optimise them to meet the unique challenges of the businesses and communities we serve are some of the many reasons that we are highly valued by our many and varied clients.

Bespoke services

We work in close collaboration with our clients to support them to address challenges and realise opportunities through all the services we offer. Our dedicated environmental communications team delivers targeted stakeholder engagement and communication campaigns, while our carbon footprinting specialists provide extensive emission assessment and verification services and can set a suite of ambitious yet achievable emission reduction targets tailored to your organisation.

Our sustainability professionals offer bespoke support to residential and commercial developers through the experienced delivery of prompt and cost-effective BREEAM assessments for national and international projects. In support of this, we provide all the technical services and surveys required for BREEAM assessments, thereby ensuring that our clients receive an efficient and effective service throughout. In addition to these services, we provide carbon management and sustainability support for detailed planning applications, for example, through environmental impact assessments and as part of applications for permits to operate, for example, through the Environmental Permitting Regulations.

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Our Expertise

  • Carbon footprints

    We support clients by determining the carbon footprint of their organisation and its products and/or activities; analysing emissions data using off-the-shelf or bespoke, in-house carbon calculators; validating and assuring existing greenhouse gas assessments; setting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (SMART) emission reduction targets and developing strategies to achieve them; delivering and supporting greenhouse gas offsetting strategies; and developing reporting protocols for compliance requirements


    We also provide a full range of BREEAM services, including a large number of feed-in services: full BREEAM assessments from pre-assessment to certification; BREEAM Accredited Professional services (design and site); thermographic surveys; daylighting assessments; indoor air quality plans; acoustic advice and post-construction testing; energy modelling; zero- and low-carbon energy feasibility studies; site-specific transport assessment and travel planning; full life-cycle assessments for materials; BREEAM-compliant ecology work; and flood risk assessment and surface water runoff consultancy.