Structural Maintenance and Repair

The biggest challenges facing structural maintenance and repairs are found in the minute details: accessing difficult-to-access areas can consume too much time and eat into a project’s budget. For rail operators, it means delaying journeys and dissatisfied customers; for commercial property owners, it means closing their facilities and lost revenue. The remedy is hiring a highly specialised company with the extensive manpower and experience to ease you through structural repairs or installing rockface netting. RSK’s specialists, in CAN  Up and Under, and CR Civil Engineering bring their combination of 35 years’ experience, countless awards and safety accreditations to a project and apply innovative, bespoke solutions to a project’s challenges.

Combing diverse and expert skills

The length and breadth of RSK’s services are all-encompassing. For structural maintenance, our rope-access and confined-space specialists remove vegetation, graffiti and loose or dangerous materials. We can secure your properties and structures by installing guard rails, security measures and catch fences. Our animal-friendly pest control measures help to deter birds. Using our unique mobile access systems, we can help redecorate and restore your properties to their original brilliance. Moreover, no job is too small for us: from repairing, including brickwork and masonry, to window cleaning and installing various safety netting, we are experts in our field and bring a wealth of experience to a project. Our extensive teams are based in Europe, and we can draw on the vast resources of the group for any job.

Understanding and overcoming complex challenges

Our clients look to us for less intrusive, more secure access methods with faster mobilisation. At the start of a project, we analyse the technical challenges: this informs our work schedule and helps our accredited rope-access and confined-space specialists work effectively in difficult-to-access locations. Our dedication to health and safety alleviates any client concerns about working from height or in confined spaces. Our innovative, patented-access systems mean we can work on virtually any project, whether that is stabilising a rockface or repairing a Victorian bridge.

Applying innovation and highly trained personnel

With almost 40 years’ experience, our teams of traditional rope access and abseiling specialists are adept at analysing the needs of a specific project and applying their considerable expertise to get the job done safely and promptly, which is a priority to clients. Our patented-access systems, adaptable to any situation, enable our experts to abseil from a rock face to install erosion matting and rockfall netting or avail of a bespoke mobile unit to inspect a bridge for defects. We are trained to work on physical structures like the Millennium Bridge and aquatic structures such as piers, harbours and jetties. Moreover, we assign a customer-facing representative to keep the client updated on each stage of the project, so any concerns can be promptly addressed, such as the budget or time-schedule conflicts.

The power of the group

RSK’s full suite of structural maintenance and repairs coupled with services from our geotechnical division ensures that we provide end-to-end, bespoke structural maintenance and repairs to our clients across all sectors, thereby ensuring that projects are concluded with expert care and within the allotted timeframe.

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Our Expertise

  • Concrete repairs

    Whether it is planned repairs and or emergency works, we have you covered. We are approved installers of a variety of market-leading concrete repair systems.

  • Brickwork and masonry repairs

    If you need high-level repairs or for us to work in difficult-to-access areas, we bring almost four decades of experience when undertaking strengthening, restoration and repair work.

  • Sealant

    RSK can replace old and defective sealant, while offering a 10-year warranty on new-build sealant installation. Additional services include window cleaning and replacement, gutter and downpipe cleaning and repairs, installing temporary safety netting, installing smoke detection systems and fire deluge systems, and repairing cladding.

  • High-level cleaning

    Restore your building to its original brilliance or clean it up after completing construction. Where areas are difficult to reach or encroach on occupied properties, our agile teams will assist you with the right solution to your project.

  • Coatings

    Painting complex structures can be very expensive because of access difficulties. RSK provides a wide range of access solutions and offer recommendations on the types of coating required based on the environment..

  • Bird deterrent

    RSK has a well-established track record in providing humane and harmless bird deterrent methods. We provide effective and efficient means of pest control, saving you time and money in the future.

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