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Rigging and Fabric Structures Construction

On any construction project, whether it is engineering high-rise towers or adding a compact extension to a house, highly trained personnel and field-proven equipment are paramount to a successful outcome. Without either of the key ingredients, projects can lapse, run over budget or shut down completely. By applying a minimal interference model, such as using highly specialised rope-access personnel, RSK, particularly its contracting company CAN, is able to manoeuvre in and around a construction project and work simultaneously to avoid expensive delays or the need to hire expensive plant and outside specialists. CAN brings decades of experience, thanks to its diligent work ethic, and specialist crews to any construction project and has the highest regard for a safe working environment.

Relying on steadfast crews and innovative equipment and services

For almost 35 years, CAN has been providing experienced professionals and equipment to major construction projects across the UK and abroad. Our skills and experience support the full spectrum of construction activities, from new buildings and structures to rigging and electrical work. The safety of our employees, clients and their service users is of the utmost importance. Our regional and international teams are adept at rigging, working safely with heavy equipment and tensioned systems and fabric-structure-related installation and maintenance services. Apart from physical work, our experts can also provide financial and time-saving solutions for projects that include a mechanical and electrical element.

Managing every scenario

Our clients often worry if their projects adhere to complicated and lengthy health and safety protocols. With our in-house knowledgeable and multidisciplinary teams and integrated management system, we cover all aspects of health and safety, quality and environment, ensuring compliance, so it is one less thing for you to think about. We also ensure the highest safety standards throughout every project from implementation to conclusion.

Our in-depth and assured services

RSK’s multifaceted skill set and experience combine to create a one-stop shop for supporting the A–Z of construction activities, such as architectural design and planning, cost consultancy and quantity surveying. Our rope-access specialists are highly trained at working safely with heavy equipment and tensioned systems. We work with trained appointed persons, lift supervisors and slinger signallers, which ensures the best people, and results, for your project. Owing to our proven reputation, agile teams and more than 35 years of experience, we have a wealth of experience of working on multiple fabric structures across the UK and abroad, including installing the roof on the Millennium Dome in London, UK. Difficult-to-access projects can quickly become expensive, but we offer financial and time-saving solutions for projects, giving you peace of mind from a quality-assured team.

Engaging group-wide strengths

By combining our specialist construction services with our wider construction support services, which include building information modelling, architectural design and planning, cost consultancy, quantity surveying and pile testing, we can offer clients an integrated package of services. Our construction specialists advise on regulatory procedures, and our sister companies can provide reliable on-site investigations to help you overcome any environmental-related issues.

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Our Expertise

  • Rigging

    Rigging usually involves working safely with heavy equipment and tensioned systems and moving around cautiously. Our expertise in difficult access, lifting and rigging services and our trained riggers, slingers and banksmen make RSK an ideal choice for installing and maintaining steelwork and support cable systems. Our engineers plan operations with a clear understanding of the relevant forces and capacities within the system, which ensures the safety of personnel and integrity of the structural elements.

  • Fabric structures

    For more than 35 years, we have contributed our skillset and personnel to many high-profile fabric structures, including installing the roof of the Millennium Dome, which, at the time of construction, was the largest fabric structure in the world. We have found that the best approach to fabric structures is using a combination of methods, including rope-access techniques and conventional powered access. The benefit of using RSK is that you only have to deal with one contractor, making monitoring health, safety and quality a lot easier.

  • Mechanical and electrical services

    For as long as we have been operating, we have been providing mechanical and electrical services to the construction industry for difficult-to-access areas. Our teams include qualified electricians who can maintain and replace high-level actuators, lighting and PA systems, linkage and drive gears.