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Lead Property Consultancy

Every development project, regardless of its size and type, faces challenges and risks. To manage risks and subsequently deliver a project successfully, clients turn to project manager (PM), employer’s agent (EA), funding monitor (FM) and contract administrator (CA) services.

RSK, specifically Pellings, provides high-quality PM, EA, FM and CA services to clients undertaking planned property maintenance, refurbishment, renewal, expansion and new-build projects across a wide range of development types and scales. We work closely with our clients to establish a comprehensive understanding of their goals, allowing us to provide expert advice tailored to their requirements.

Experienced and committed

Our skilled team is responsible for defining a client’s brief and managing other professionals to develop the brief to the level required. This involves procuring construction services and monitoring the construction, handover stage and defect liability period, all within the scope of the agreed form of commission. We apply more than 40 years’ experience and commitment to offer our clients pragmatic, results-focused solutions.

Managing risk

Development projects are accompanied by risks that must be managed for the project to be successful and achieve long-term value for money and quality . Our risk and quality management systems, combined with our skilled team, prioritise client needs to support the delivery of objectives and manage risk with a pragmatic approach.

Deep understanding

We combine a deep understanding of design, construction and contractual issues to support a variety of clients, including local authorities, education providers, housing associations, house builders, health trusts and private developers and asset owners. With outstanding development and people skills, our experienced team works from the outset to manage stakeholders with different agendas and levels of technical understanding, and advise on the best approach to deliver outcomes. RSK offers PM, EA, FM and CA services as part of a multidisciplinary appointment, which includes other services such as design, cost consultancy, clerk of works and structural engineering.

Bespoke solutions

Each project is unique, which is why RSK works with clients to identify their goals and drivers to then deliver a high-quality, tailored service to deliver their objectives. Our clients know that when they trust in us to deliver their PM, EA, FM and CA services, they will receive expert advice based on years of experience in a range of sectors.

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Our Expertise

  • Contract administrators

    Our contract administrators are appointed under traditional forms of contract to effectively negotiate, support and manage contracts.

  • Employers Agents

    RSK’s team of experienced employer’s agents are employed when a design and build form of contract is being used, and act on behalf of the contract administrator.

  • Project managers

    The project manager role is common in partnering contracts such as NEC, PPC and TPC. RSK has Chartered Project Manager Surveyors who can undertake contract administration, contracts and defects disputes, funding applications, framework advice and resident liaison.

  • Bank/ funding monitors

    Our knowledgeable team of funding monitors ensures that all contractual commitments are met in order to release funds.