The aviation sector is a key driver of global economic development. According to the Air Transport Action Group, a specialist and non-profit association, more than a third of all trade by value is sent by air, which makes aviation a key component of worldwide business. The sector accounts for more than 65 million jobs worldwide, and that figure will climb to almost 100 million by 2036. In hard currency, this translates into an industry that supports $2.7 trillion (3.6%) of the world’s gross domestic product.

We have more than 30 years’ experience of supporting the development needs of industry on major infrastructure projects and in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. With more than 700 in-house specialists, and access to a wide array of highly experienced and qualified subcontractors, we can tailor a technical team’s expertise to the specific needs and complexity of your project. This ensures that you get the best people at the right time to minimise the risk of delays. We also have first-hand expertise in our teams across many high-profile airport activities, master plan delivery, airspace change, public engagement, consultation, communications, and pre-sale airport due diligence.

Services designed for clarity

Our specialist environmental impact assessment services encompass initial project scoping; screening and identifying mitigating measures for sites; dealing with uncertainties; and delivering the environmental statement. We support clients such as Glasgow Prestwick, Gatwick, Bristol London City, Leeds Bradford and Liverpool John Lennon airports and the Manchester Airport Group. We can assist those delivering major infrastructure projects to maximise competitiveness and productivity; address climate change; protect people’s safety, security and health; improve the quality of life; and promote greater equality of opportunity. Our comprehensive and complementary technical services include landscape master planning and design; engineering design; constraints mapping; contaminated land remediation; pre-construction regulatory approval and permitting processes; construction management and operations support; final facility closure, decommissioning or divestiture; and health and safety services.

Evolving and innovating

In terms of airspace change, the group can provide something innovative to the sector: a complete one-stop shop in delivering the entire airspace change process, rather than just specialist elements of it that other organisations might offer. We offer a wide and diverse range of environmental services and just about everything we do can be applied at an airport.

Ensuring your objectives

Our diverse client base seeks to gain consent for expansion and/or development while adhering to regulations. We understand the concerns and frustrations associated with dealing with complex legislation and bureaucracy. Through our specialists, we provide prompt and concise translations of complex regulations and a solution, while also adhering to time constraints and budgets and addressing any sensitive stakeholder concerns.

Long-term relationships

Our clients aim to achieve and maintain regulatory consent in the shortest period and with minimum cost, while maintaining the highest health and safety standards on their projects. We have evolved excellent relations with aviation industry regulators and planning authorities, and we have established a similar working interface with the relevant authorities worldwide. Through our relationships with and active participation in key institutes and associations, we can guide the drafting of national policy statements to be used as the policy framework for planning decisions. By identifying issues early, we can help to minimise planning- and environmental-related constraints.