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Distribution and Storage

As global economies transition to low/zero CO2 emission environments, renewable energy and power sources are becoming increasingly vital for energy needs and targets. However, renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydro power are variable and will pose increasing challenges in terms of grid stability and balancing supply with demand. Emerging technologies are quickly adapting to accommodate off-grid energy, and power storage and distribution for various sources. This is vital as we look for sustainable options to meet the world’s energy demands.

RSK has long recognised the importance of supporting such technologies and can provide services from project inception through to operation. We have vast experience in site origination, route appraisal or selection, and with liaising and negotiating with landowners. RSK has been actively involved in securing the necessary consents, licences and permits for such developments in addition to consultation support and completion of required environmental assessments. We provide support to developments involving renewable energy generation and lithium battery storage co-location, cryobattery energy storage providing generation capacity, constraint management and ancillary services, and demand-side response lithium battery storage.

RSK is also actively involved in the emerging hydrogen market in terms of storage, transport and manufacturing. The group and its subsidiaries are uniquely positioned to provide expert consultation and consent advice, and we have a significant network of contacts that enable us to liaise with all the different contributors to a project including offtakers, energy generators and landowners.

Project optimisation

Driven by a growing demand for low-carbon energy, our clients are primarily private sector developers that are trying to achieve commercial-scale deployment of their technologies. However, to do this, they need to find appropriate sites and gain the necessary consents and permits before operating. Uncertainty due to shifting central government support and policy can also affect available income streams and the commercial viability of our clients’ projects.

The pre-consent stage of developments, therefore, needs to be as cost-effective as possible. We recognise this and our experts can navigate complex and confusing regulations to ensure our clients’ projects are successful. We aim to minimise upfront costs and reduce the amount of work needed by advising on site selection and designing plans to maximise the chance for success. Ultimately, RSK takes an entrepreneurial approach to offer both technical and commercial solutions to optimise project and cost-efficiency.

We recognise that these emerging technologies need a collective passion for what they are trying to achieve. We view our clients’ projects as our own and provide supporting consultation to apply our skills, advice and experience pragmatically and proportionately for innovative solutions. Our staff consists of people with both consultancy and renewable energy developer experience, so we can offer a unique service that is reflective of the pressures (commercial, political, technical and environmental) that our clients contend with.