Energy and Power

Energy is vital to sustaining modern human life. Sourcing, collecting, storing and delivering it to where it is needed safely and cost-effectively is a multifaceted process. There is also increasing scrutiny on energy sources, their sustainability and how beneficial they will be for the future of the planet. RSK’s first client was an energy producer; throughout its history, it has maintained a strong presence in the sector.

We are not limited to one aspect of energy: we work on oil and gas, nuclear and renewable projects. As an environmental consultancy, we assist our clients in ensuring that their energy source is collected, stored and delivered safely with no reduction on quality and with the minimal impact on the environment. We have a proven record of accomplishment, and we equip our clients with bespoke end-to-end solutions.

RSK’s vast experience in the conventional power sector is instructive to helping a client complete a project. We have worked on some of the biggest energy projects in Wales, such as replacing a gas pipeline in North Wales, and in the Middle East, such as contributing environmental services in southern Iraq for Shell Gas Iraq.