Salix joined RSK in February 2020 and is a respected and leading provider of sustainable solutions to river restoration and erosion control projects in the UK. It also provides spillway and shoreline protection, and inland dredging and wetland habitat creation schemes, and has built a unique business as a designer, constructor, manufacturer, distributor and grower rolled in to one single company.

The company primarily provides specialist products and design-and-build services for river restoration and wetland habitat creation projects, and applies soil-bioengineering solutions for soil and riverbank erosion-control schemes. It manufactures and supplies a broad range of soil erosion control and bioengineering products and is the largest grower of native wetland plants in the UK. It is also Europe’s largest producer of coir fibre rolls, and produces the world’s highest performing range of reinforced turf.
Salix fields its own plant and experienced installation teams, supported by strong in-house technical support. Its aim when approaching projects is to complement the natural environment, add to biodiversity and improve water quality.

The firm employs 30 staff based out of five UK offices. The head office is in in Thetford, Norfolk, while the other offices are in Staffordshire, Cheltenham, Swansea, and Inverness.