RSK Wilding is an exciting new venture on a mission to use rewilding as a means of offsetting our clients’ carbon and biodiversity impacts whilst also having other environmental and social benefits. RSK Wilding is a multidisciplinary team bringing together an unrivalled breadth of expertise in biodiversity, land management and climate science from across the RSK group of businesses to help leave a lasting legacy for UK biodiversity, the environment and the climate.

Rewilding isn’t just for conservationists.  We aim to make rewilding an option for businesses, big or small, to offset their carbon emissions and ecological impacts while helping to reverse decades of environmental degradation, biodiversity loss and climate impacts.

In partnership with clients, landowners and other stakeholders, RSK Wilding will restore some of the UK’s landscape to the natural, biodiverse and wild place it used to be, connecting existing protected areas. By doing this, we will be playing our part in leaving a better legacy for future generations…

To find out more contact wilding@rsk.co.uk.