In late 2017, RSK acquired the skills and services of Cole Jarman, one of the top acoustic consultancy specialists in the UK. Cole Jarman has been carrying out acoustic, noise and vibration assessments on projects of all types since 1993. Acquiring Cole Jarman presented synergistic growth opportunities for both businesses. It provides RSK with a wider service range to add to its fast-growing environment and planning business, including expertise in noise and vibration assessments as part of the environmental assessment process contributing to environmental statements, adding to RSK’S existing acoustic capability.

Cole Jarman principals together have more than 100 years’ experience in acoustics, noise and vibration investigation across all sectors. Cole Jarman’s specialist services have been used in projects as diverse as the new courtyard development for the Royal College of Music, the redevelopment of Broadmoor Secure Hospital Facility and noise studies at several UK airports including Stansted, Birmingham, Luton and East Midlands. With an annual turnover in excess of £2 million and 19 staff members, Cole Jarman is one of the top acoustic consultancy specialists in the UK.