Corporate responsibility and sustainability

Our approach

Early in our development, we adopted the nine guiding principles to which we still adhere today. These guiding principles have helped us to create a company that we can all be proud of. Based on these principles and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, our approach to business sustainability is built around five pillars and forms a holistic strategy addressing our economic, environmental and social impacts.

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Safety, health and quality

We want to provide safe and healthy conditions of work and ensure that our services satisfy the highest professional standards. Our SHEQ procedures ensure that safety risks are identified, assessed and adequately controlled, allowing our teams to maintain a strong safety track record and deliver our services on a consistently safe basis. Safety risk assessments are routinely carried out, and safety incidents, near misses and positive interventions are systematically reported.

We place a high emphasis on health and safety training for all employees and promotes a safety-based “no blame” operating culture to encourage a proactive attitude to identifying, reporting and mitigating hazards.

SHEQ Policy

Our people and ethics

We want to keep our employees satisfied and motivated by providing them with opportunities for career progression and treating each person fairly and equitably based on individual merit. We are committed to equal opportunities for all employees and applicants and oppose all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination.

Human capital is our most valuable asset and we want every employee to have a working environment that promotes dignity and respect, and where individual differences and contributions of employees are recognised and valued. We are highly committed to addressing the gender pay gap and make every effort to remove unequal burdens to career progression.

Environment and communities

We want to find new and innovative ways to use fewer natural resources, produce less waste and contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy, while making positive contributions to local ecosystems and surrounding communities. We actively look for opportunities to contribute to the wellbeing of the communities local to our offices and hold frequent charity fundraisers in support of WaterAid, our charity of choice.

We are committed to measuring and publicly disclosing our energy use and associated carbon emissions. In 2014, we set ourselves a greenhouse gas emissions target covering emissions from our office buildings in the UK. The aim was to achieve a 5% reduction in emissions per full-time employee. As of 2019, we have outperformed this target and achieved a 22% reduction.

Community Report

Clients and suppliers

We want to ensure that we are part of a sustainable value chain, that we contribute to economic growth in the areas where we work, and that our business relationships are mutually beneficial. We have a diverse base of more than 7000 clients operating in rapidly evolving industrial and commercial sectors, including energy generation, distribution and storage, infrastructure, residential, mining, construction, manufacturing, transport and food and farming.

Our many strategic partnerships and close working relationships with local stakeholders enable us to combine our international experience with local knowledge to better meet our clients’ requirements, help them to complete projects quickly, achieve cost savings and minimise regulatory delays, all while contributing to local economic development and the area’s social and environmental well-being.

Financial and governance

We want to achieve strong financial performance and sustainable growth that is based on responsible business practices. Our plan is to grow the group and build the largest privately owned integrated environmental, engineering and technical services firm in Europe. Our acquisition programme provides our existing businesses with opportunities for growth, and we will continue to drive organic growth by encouraging cross selling and by building multidisciplinary teams to solve client problems; these teams draw upon resources found in various companies across the group. It is a real strength of the group that we can harness a very wide range of services and technical skills.

The breadth of services offered by RSK is unique and is at the heart of our strategic plan: our acquisitions are intended to bring diversity to the group, adding skills and customers, and extending our geographic reach.

Corporate Responsibility Policy