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    The Milange–Mocuba Road

    RSK business Nicholas O’Dwyer supervised the integrated development of the Milange–Mocuba Corridor in Mozambique. The project was located in the north of the country, in a fertile agricultural region that has had little share in Mozambique’s recent economic growth. This was primarily due to its lack of good transport infrastructure. Indeed, a participative poverty study conducted in the area concluded that the number one priority of ‘the poorest of the poor’ was a road that they could use throughout the year. Nicholas O’Dwyer therefore assisted in providing an infrastructure solution for the local community.

    The project included the upgrading of approximately 110 km of international trunk road to bituminous standard; this included constructing a weighbridge and the upgrading or spot improvement of approximately 160 km of rural roads to facilitate access to the international trunk road. The improvements will mean that the entire 350-km east–west crossing of Mozambique will be accessible all year round. The road will also connect the area, via Malawi, to the sub-Saharan international road network.

    Approximately 1.4 million Mozambicans living in the districts bordering the corridor will benefit from better rural connectivity and highway transport. This will include better access to markets where the selling prices of agricultural products are higher and consumer goods are less expensive, and improved access to education and healthcare facilities.

    Nicholas O’Dwyer carried out contract supervision, contract management and some detailed engineering design on key elements of the project; these included the Milange town roads, border post infrastructure, a weighbridge for weighing freight, town drainage, relocation of utilities, building footpaths, kerbing works, roundabout construction and street lighting. The weighbridge was also redesigned and relocated owing to the previous consultant’s design solution being located in a flood plain.

    The purpose of Nicholas O’Dwyer’s service was to supervise the contractors for the two lots in which the works were executed throughout all stages of construction, thereby ensuring that the works were in accordance with the technical specifications and drawings, and that quality and financial controls were in place to ensure that the works were kept within the project budget, quality requirements and timeframes agreed by all parties.

    Additional road and bridge works were contracted following cyclone damage in Zambezia province in January 2015 that severed the major road connections. Nicholas O’Dwyer worked with the contractors to restore the connections as an emergency measure.

    Nicholas O’Dwyer provided 11 key staff and had 27 technical support staff for the project, which ran from October 2013 until 2020. The European Union provided grant funding of €150 million from 2010 to 2018 to cover 93.6% of the construction cost.

    • Project status: Complete
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