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    Silcock Leedham support the development of NHS Nightingale Hospital amid coronavirus outbreak

    As coronavirus rapidly spread throughout the UK, the UK Government and NHS introduced the Nightingale Hospitals initiative, an emergency response which prompted the establishment of several temporary, high-care facilities to cope with the high patient numbers anticipated during COVID-19 peaks.

    Silcock Leedham, an RSK company specialising in mechanical and electrical engineering, were called in to support a BAM construction team commissioned to convert the Harrogate Convention Centre into the Nightingale Hospital for Yorkshire and Humberside. The project was managed by the NHS in conjunction with the British Army and saw the design and construction of a facility with over 450 high-care/level 3 critical care beds and a segregated infection control regime, completed in less than two weeks.

    Silcock Leedham were the mechanical and electrical engineering specialists on the project and undertook a feasibility study, detailed site survey and completed all engineering design for all eight Halls including Don/Doff, Mortuary, controlled medical stores, sluices, LO2 & VIE, Med Compressed Air, Med Vacuum and 490 high dependency bed-heads . Verisys, also part of the RSK Group, worked with Silcock Leedham and the project team to carry out all validation and commission works on specialist hospital systems.

    The team worked around the clock to meet not only the demands of our client, but also the needs of the country during an unprecedented health crisis. The project was incredibly challenging, not only because of the associated urgency, but also due to the constraints of the building being adapted. While the original NHS Nightingale Hospital London was adapted from the ExCel London building, a modern, purpose-built event venue with one major open hall, Harrogate is a more inaccessible venue, more than 30 years old, with eight separate halls. Despite the challenges, the field hospital didn’t compromise healthcare standards or design guides.

    RSK Group companies have supported the UK healthcare sector on a number of projects, offering end-to-end services from pre-acquisition and planning through to post-construction.

    • Location: England
    • Client: NHS
    • Project status: Complete
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