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    Geotechnical work in Iraqi Kurdistan

    The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Services commissioned RSK to conduct a geotechnical assessment of a parcel of land to the north of Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan. The work included demolishing the existing structures and building a consulate general site with vehicle access, a car park and hard and soft landscaping. The project’s objectives were to assess the history and environmental setting of the site and surrounding area. The data would inform a conceptual model, which would provide sufficient information regarding ground conditions, risks to end-users, assessing the environment and structures and informing the geotechnical design of foundations and infrastructure.

    Our specialists, based in Dubai but working with locals in Kurdistan, designed the scope of the investigation and layout of the report with consideration of CLR11, BS 10175 and guidance on land contamination reports issued by the UK Environment Agency in the absence of more robust standards used by the Kurdistan Regional Government. The scope of work included

    • a preliminary risk assessment to determine the historical and geological site setting
    • an initial conceptual site model that considers potentially complete pollutant linkages
    • an intrusive investigation comprising trial pits and rotary auger drill holes (to 15 m) with in-situ testing and soil sampling for subsequent laboratory analysis
    • developing a refined conceptual site model and a generic quantitative risk assessment to assess complete pollutant linkages that could require mitigation to facilitate redevelopment
    • interpreting ground conditions to provide recommendations on foundation and infrastructure design.

    We completed our work programme on time and schedule and to the satisfaction of the UK and Kurdistan authorities.

    • Location: Kurdistan
    • Client: UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Services
    • Project status: Completed
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