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    Ensuring Turkmenistan’s future oil supplies 

    Turkmenistan holds the world’s sixth-largest reserves of natural gas resources and, in the last decade, opened its vast resources to the world. Galkynysh field, in south-eastern Turkmenistan, is the second-largest gas field in the world. Petrofac, a leading international service provider to the oil and gas production and processing industry, hired RSK, for its expertise in environmental-related assessments and accompanying services, to work on activities in the gas field.

    RSK completed an environmental social impact assessment (ESIA) for Petrofac’s activities in the northern sector of Galkynysh field. The vast scope of work included:

    • managing desktop studies that were completed by local experts
    • undertaking field surveys, air quality modelling and gathering data
      • completing impact assessments, including cumulative impacts associated with other field developments
      • producing the ESIA.

    The Turkmenistan Ministry of Nature Protection issued approval in less than five weeks and without onerous conditions. In addition to ESIA work, we managed subcontractor surveys, developed environmental procedures, secured other environmental consents and permits, audited subcontractors and trained local environmental personnel.

    • Location: Turkmenistan
    • Client: Petrofac
    • Project status: Completed
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