Yes they CAN: Slope stabilisation on the M20

October 22, 2020

RSK company CAN has appeared in Highways magazine, after it completed challenging stabilisation work beside the busy M20 in Kent, UK. Having identified the stretch around Junction 10 as a source of congestion and delays, Highways England recognised the need for a new interchange east of the junction. This included constructing a new junction, 10a, a new roundabout over the motorway, new slip roads, a new link road and two three-lane bridges. The Taylor Woodrow and VINCI Construction joint venture, the main contractor for the project, approached CAN geotechnical and requested that they undertake a programme of geotechnical works to stabilise a newly cut face adjacent to the M20 motorway. The face needed to be steepened to 60° to make room for the proposed slip road on the new Junction 10a.

CAN provided a multitude of specialist services, including installing 370 soil nails and applying over 350 t of sprayed concrete reinforcement in their stabilisation efforts. A bespoke gabion facing, designed by CAN, was then installed to leave an aesthetically pleasing finish to the finished slope.

CAN’s Business Development Director, Ben Foulger, told the publication, “The project was challenging from the start, with difficult and unexpected drilling conditions encountered throughout the work. However, with the innovative facing system installed over the top of the soil nails and the sprayed concrete, the finished product is now an eye-catching feature of the new M20 Junction 10a.”

You can read the full story in the August/September 2020 edition of Highways magazine (p.46).