Wendy in pole position

December 16, 2019

Wendy Searle is nearly half way through her SouthPole2020 expedition and has thanked RSK as one of her sponsors in her recent audio blog.

Wendy began her mission to break the women’s world speed record for skiing solo and unaided from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole at the end of November, and she is on day 16.

The previous record for the 1130 km race is just under 39 days. Only six women have ever completed the journey solo. For about 12 hours a day, Wendy, from Salisbury, will pull more than 80 kg of supplies in a sledge over ice, around crevasses, through snow and hurricane-speed winds, covering an average of 27 km a day, and all without any external assistance such as food drop-offs.

On day 10, she commented, “A massive shout out to RSK, one of my sponsors, an absolutely awesome organisation. Thank you very much to RSK’s Sue [Sljivic] and Nigel [Board] for all your support. You have really got involved in the expedition and have given me some [sponsorship] money. I really appreciate everything you’ve done. To all the team for your kind support, thank you.”

In her latest recording (at time of writing), Wendy said “Today, again, conditions were amazing – no wind, really clear, and good visibility … I feel really pleased with the mileage. I can’t complain, it’s been another really good weather day … I’m just taking it bit by bit. Today, I’m just a little bit tired, but I’ve worked really hard and made good progress”.

Things are looking good for Wendy to meet her target and break the record.

You can follow Wendy’s progress via her daily audio blogs on the SouthPole2020 website.