Virtual marathon: Jenny raises over £3000 for charity

October 27, 2020

Members of the Love2Jog running club based in Derby, UK, recently took part in a virtual race to raise money for the Special Olympics. Over the last three years, club members have participated in various races and Jenny Victory, the club leader and a sales director at RSK’s Coventry office, has been supporting and motivating them to participate.

Having completed numerous challenging races, including half-marathons and 10ks, Jenny was accepted to run in the 2020 London Marathon, which came as a surprise to her, as places were determined by a ballot. However, because of the social distancing made necessary by COVID-19, this year’s London Marathon was put on hold and places were deferred until 2021. Still wanting to make a difference this year, Jenny and her peers remained undeterred, so the running group decided to take on a virtual marathon challenge.

“I’m really passionate about helping more people with learning disabilities to thrive in life through Special Olympic sports because it is about more than just sport,” said Jenny. “It’s about independence, fun, social skills, life skills and friendships for life.”

Earlier this month, the team of three led by Jenny embraced its challenge and ran the 26.2 miles of the marathon. As well as improving the health and well-being of the club members, this effort has created more opportunities for people with disabilities to access and thrive in sport.

The total amount raised from various events was a monumental £3000. £500 of the total amount was raised through RSK.