The sky’s the limit: Central Alliance invests in helicopter pod for aerial surveys

February 18, 2021

Central Alliance (an RSK company) has invested in a bespoke helicopter pod that will facilitate specialised aerial mapping and aerial surveys, such as Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR). The tailor-made pod can accommodate several sensors and cameras and will be used to undertake high-quality data capture over wide areas, such as for linear infrastructure.

As well as LiDAR surveys, the pod can be used for Phase One camera imagery for photogrammetry. It is expected that typical applications will also include coastline surveys and large areas of interest such as landslides and flood risk areas.

Richard Pidcock, Joint Managing Director at Central Alliance, says: “This investment is important for Central Alliance as the helicopter can provide significant advantages over unmanned aerial vehicles, particularly for linear and larger sites.”

With the purchase of the helicopter pod, LiDAR and photogrammetry mass data can be acquired and processed to fill the gap in the airspace between UAVs and fixed wing airborne systems. This type of data cannot be acquired with the use of UAVs, due to their size and flying altitude, or fixed-wing airborne systems (airplanes) due to their flying speed and point density.

For more information about Central Alliance or its aerial LiDAR service, please call +44(0)1924 229 889 or email

You can read more about the investment in Construction Update magazine.