The next evolution in biodiversity: RSK group launches Nature Positive

September 22, 2021

A management consultancy to support sustainable businesses

Nature Positive, a boutique management consultancy, launches today as a subsidiary of UK-based international environmental, engineering and technical services business RSK Group Ltd (RSK). Nature Positive will offer bespoke services to companies that want to understand their dependence and potential impacts on nature and natural capital, both directly and through their supply chains.

Headquartered in Bath, UK, Nature Positive’s tailored services will include biodiversity and natural capital assessments; supply chain risk assessments; due diligence; and the practical mitigation and offsetting of environmental impacts for companies and their investors around the world.

Nature Positive Managing Director Stephanie Wray says:

“Directly or indirectly, every business depends on the natural environment to survive. These dependencies are often hidden in the value chain, off the balance sheet, and with the natural resources assumed to be free and readily available. But changes in our natural environment, such as those occurring as a result of climate change or because of changes in policy or public perception, can quickly affect businesses, thereby exposing material risks.

“Business has the potential to be a positive force for nature. Increasingly, companies are seeing the commercial advantages of having sustainability at the heart of their organisations, over both the short and the long term.

“That is where Nature Positive comes in. We are environmental scientists who understand business. We quantify businesses’ dependence on nature and, in partnership with our clients, reshape strategy and operations to unlock the commercial benefits of a nature-positive approach.”

Alan Ryder, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nature Positive’s parent RSK, adds:

Investors are interested in whether a company has good environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. Although most have a good understanding of climate change, they are only just beginning to talk about their investment targets’ biodiversity footprints. And yet the loss of biodiversity is one of the most significant threats to society and to the economy. Nature Positive aims to change a business’s focus and to tackle this issue in a pragmatic and effective way.

“I know that many of the RSK group’s clients are very concerned about how to deliver some aspects of ESG, such as biodiversity net gain. I am delighted that we are launching this new service today that will become invaluable in supporting the development of sustainable businesses that are better equipped for volatile and uncertain times.”