RSK launches sustainable waste collection system solution

March 01, 2021

RSK Group Ltd, a leading integrated environmental, engineering and technical services business, has launched a bespoke, end-to-end, waste collection system solution in partnership with leading waste-management business Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente (ESA). RSK–ESA can deliver a complete waste collection system solution anywhere in the UK or can support clients at a specific stage in their project.

Sustainable waste collection systems are fundamental in urban areas and go well beyond the concepts of simply collecting and managing waste. The RSK–ESA system, designed to be environmentally friendly, is managed and maintained using cutting-edge technology and, above all, it is compatible with the needs of modern society and will help to propel cities and towns towards their sustainability objectives.

RSK–ESA’s services cover the entire life cycle of your project, from the initial planning stage through to prolonging asset life, and are entirely flexible around your specific requirements. Its offer can be broken into four categories: design and consultation, equipment and installation, management and maintenance and servicing.

“The smart waste collection system, which holds additional waste underground, means that the waste needs to be collected less frequently, reducing traffic movements and carbon emissions,” comments RSK Director Ian Ditchfield. “Its intelligent telemetry systems also alert the collection authority when the bin is full. This, coupled with the option for split recycling bins, ensures a green solution to waste collection.”

A further advantage to the RSK–ESA system is that when the collection authority arrives to pick up the waste, the driver does not need to leave the vehicle, but can instead operate the crane used to remove the waste containers from inside the cabin. This makes the collection very time-efficient and also contactless: a benefit today as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

ESA has over 20 years’ experience in the waste market and has already successfully implemented these services across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The business is constantly developing innovative solutions to meet the needs of its clients and offers a wide range of waste collection products and technologies in addition to providing design and consultancy, servicing and maintenance. RSK brings local knowledge and expertise from a network of over 100 offices and depots across the UK. RSK has over 30 years’ experience of waste management services and is able to provide bespoke solutions in a sustainable manner. ESA’s expertise coupled with the breadth and depth of RSK’s range of services provides a full-service offering that is unrivalled in the market.

RSK–ESA has already been awarded a place on the £200 million Underground Refuse Solutions Framework, established jointly by the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) and Liverpool City Council. RSK–ESA is now well placed to begin assisting Liverpool and other urban areas with a smart and sustainable waste collection system solution.

A video demonstrating the integrated waste collection system solution, and more details on the offering, is available on the RSK website.