Sustainability Focus and how it kick-started RSK’s decade of action

October 13, 2021

Last month, RSK was thrilled to host Sustainability Focus, a two-week event promoting the importance of sustainability in the company’s day-to-day operations.

Featuring a series of informative online events and toolbox talks by experts, the spotlight was well and truly shone on what is currently one of the world’s most important topics. It has been a fantastic way to kick-start RSK’s decade of action, which recognises the need to accelerate sustainable solutions to the biggest challenges the world is facing and to deliver results by 2030.

Thousands of our employees got involved with Sustainability Focus and learned about the different ways in which we can adapt our everyday routines to live more sustainably.

Experts gave informative modules on biodiversity, water, carbon, renewables, social value and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They shared their knowledge and expertise on sustainability and its associated issues.

There was even some fun to be had along the way in the “Play your carbon cards right” game, which consisted of a fun and interactive webinar designed to get everyone thinking about their carbon footprint.

This light-hearted game aimed to help everyone understand what matters when thinking about carbon. Attendees could have a guess at whether one item had a higher or lower carbon footprint than another, covering everything from the food on your plate to construction materials, and from flying to building a house.

Lucy Thomas, Chief Scientist and Managing Director of the RSK Africa business, described the successful Sustainability Focus event as a “fantastic opportunity” for people from across the globe to share their sustainability experiences.

“One of the key take-homes for me was the carbon embodied within my washing machine, which I now look at in a whole different light,” she said. “Not only this, but the water footprint of my cup of coffee and of course the talking toothbrushes reminding you to turn the tap off!

“On a more serious note, we have some great ideas for our 2025–2030 sustainability route map targets and have learned much more about our impact upon biodiversity and RSK’s capabilities in renewables, from heat pump installations to floating solar and the maintenance of wind turbine blades,” she added.

“I want to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed and made the event a success, it was wonderful to meet everyone around the globe.”