Seventh heaven for RSK in latest Environment Analyst Market Assessment

February 15, 2019

Environment Analyst’s UK Market Assessment Report for 2018/19 sees RSK maintain its top spots as the number one contaminated land/remediation consultancy and environmental/sustainability policy and strategy consultancy. We also gain a place in the overall environmental consultancy ranking, rising to 7th.

RSK furthermore upholds its other top 5 rankings: third for both regulated industries and environmental liabilities, risks and hazards. We also creep up into the top ten for extractive, manufacturing and processing clients (up from 12th) and maintain our tenth-place position for environmental impact assessment and sustainability. In addition, this year we have two new top 20 places, for noise and vibration and ‘other clients’.

We rank in the top ten in 11 categories. These are:

  • 1st for contaminated land/remediation consultancy
  • 1st for environmental/sustainability policy and strategy consultancy
  • 3rd for regulated industries
  • 3rd for environmental liabilities, risks and hazards
  • 5th for infrastructure and development clients
  • 7th for overall environmental consultancy
  • 7th for environmental management and compliance consultancy
  • 9th for other environmental consultancy
  • 9th for financial and service sector clients
  • 10th for extractive, manufacturing and processing clients
  • 10th for environmental impact assessment and sustainability.

The report acknowledges “lower level, targeted mergers and acquisitions” to be “characteristic of 2018” across the industry and mentions RSK’s “purchasing no less than thirteen firms in the space of 20 months”. Environment Analyst also identifies that these latest acquisitions will no doubt “all push up RSK’s environmental consultancy standing further in next year’s market assessment”. Watch this space!

Registered users can access the full market assessment report on the Environment Analyst website.