Scottish commission: Considering carbon dioxide mine gas best practice

January 19, 2021

RSK has been commissioned by the Scottish Government, Building Standards Division (BSD), Local Government and Communities Directorate to consult further with local authorities in mining affected areas of Scotland to identify and implement carbon dioxide (CO2) mine gas best practice in site investigation and risk assessment for development. This follows up on some key recommendations made in the Scottish Government research project undertaken by RSK on the Prevalence of CO2 derived from disused mineral mines and the implications for residential buildings, which was published in September 2019. The previous research was commissioned in response to the NHS Incident Management Team (IMT) report published following the Gorebridge incident, where CO2 mine gas ingress into houses led to a number of cases of ill health affecting residents.

Dr Tom Henman, Director of RSK Geosciences commented, “having successfully delivered the previous project, we are pleased to be working again with the Scottish Government to find ways to increase the effectiveness of regulation of this important issue”.

As part of the current consultation, we are seeking to engage with staff, within planning, building control and environmental health teams in the 23 local authorities in mining-affected areas, to consider the regulatory issues in more detail. In the first stage of this project, we are undertaking an online survey followed by more detailed ‘in-person’ consultation.

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