Sailing our own boats through the same storm

May 26, 2020

Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24 May) prompted RSK employees to reflect on their own mental health and the things that have helped us to get through this challenging period during the coronavirus pandemic. Employees were invited to share an image that represents ‘positive mental health’ for them, and you can see a montage of the results below.


RSK Family


HR Director, Zoe Brunswick, who initiated the group collaboration, commented, “As a parent of two primary school children, I, like many others have been faced with trying to juggle the demands of work, home schooling and keeping the children entertained. Virtual meetings have been gate-crashed by my four-year-old practising her singing skills and I am faced daily with the constant demands for food, often being asked “is it lunchtime yet?” when it’s only 10am! It has felt like an immense amount of pressure at times and without the sounding board of others I would normally interact with on a daily basis, it is easy to become consumed with your own thoughts and anxieties.

“Whatever our circumstances, we are all still trying our best to get through each day and adapt to the changing situation, ‘we are not in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm’. Mental Health Awareness Week prompted me to consider what’s kept me positive through these challenging times, and I realised one thing that’s really made a difference is my bike. Enabling me to get out and feel the wind on my face, taking in the beautiful scenery around me that I had never really noticed before or stopped to appreciate. Going wherever the mood fancies and blowing the cobwebs away. It has allowed me to spend more quality time with my family, doing something we can all enjoy together that previously was reserved for the odd weekend and is now our daily lifeline to the outside world. I was interested to see what my colleagues considered their mental health ‘lifelines’ and as you can see there are a whole variety of images that represent RSK’s positive mental health. The montage symbolises us all standing together though we can’t physically be together right now – our RSK family.”

RSK recognises the importance of talking about mental health and encourages its employees to discuss any mental health challenges that they’re facing in the same way they would a physical illness. By regularly participating in mental health initiatives and sharing the mental health challenges faced by employees at all levels in our internal correspondence, we hope to remove the stigma associated with mental health issues. Remember, it’s OK not to be OK and there are many sources of support available to you if you are struggling. Visit the NHS website to find a list of mental health helplines.