RSK’s Safe Driving Campaign gets on the road

July 10, 2020

This week, RSK’s safety, health, environment and quality team, with the support of RSK Group Fleet Manager Alex McKinlay, is delighted to launch its new Safe Driving Campaign. The internal company campaign, which will be running for all employees throughout the summer, will focus on occupational road risks and the new driving safety risks following the coronavirus.

As we take the first steps out of lockdown, more cars will begin to get back on the road, we will start to take longer journeys and some of us will be returning to driving more frequently for work. However, many of us will also be out of the habit of driving frequently or we may be used to the roads being quieter. It is more important than ever to focus on safe driving and occupational road risks as we transition to the new normal.

“Driving is among the riskiest activities anyone in RSK will undertake,” comments Alex. “It is the one activity that affects nearly everyone in the group, whether employees usually drive to and from work, to see a client or a supplier, or to another RSK office. Given the common nature of driving, it is easy to overlook the basic elements of safe driving, so the RSK policies will help to protect our teams, especially as we have been driving less frequently during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Because of the nature of our work, we are also exposed to increased risk through driving. We may drive and tow heavy and complex machinery. We may also drive a variety of vehicles on all types of roads – busy and remote – and surfaces, which require different skills to ensure safety.

“Our Safe Driving Campaign will raise awareness of everyday driving risks and the new safety risks we face in the wake of coronavirus. It will also detail how our policies can help to reduce those risks and improve our approach to all driving activities, thereby helping to keep RSK a safe place to work,” he concludes.

The campaign will have four modules: Safe driver; Safe Vehicle; Safe journey; and Other driving essentials. It is designed to be delivered to all RSK employees through either site briefings or virtual meetings.

Look out for our progress throughout the campaign on social media. You can get involved by using the hashtags #drivesafe and #rsksafedriving.