RSK to sponsor first ever feature film about geopoetics

March 03, 2022

RSK is thrilled to be sponsoring a ground-breaking new feature documentary film being made by the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics.

Expressing the Earth will be the first ever full length film about geopoetics as the creative expression of the Earth and is the result of a crowdfunding campaign which has been strongly supported by the public.
But thanks to a generous donation of £5,000 by RSK, the campaign has exceeded its target and now the film has the green light to go into production.

It tells the story of a young woman’s search for the meaning of geopoetics and what it can offer the world in a time of climate and ecological crisis, following her efforts to find out where geopoetics came from and how it is inspiring artists, scientists and climate activists all over the world by offering a wide-ranging vision of creatively expressing the natural world.

Her journey of discovery will take her to the slate Isle of Luing in Argyll where the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics is based, to Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders, and to the home in North Brittany in France of the Scottish poet and thinker Kenneth White who founded the International Institute of Geopoetics.
Ellen Francis, editor and co-director of the film said: ‘I’m very much looking forward to making this ground-breaking film and to finding out why geopoetics is proving so at-tractive to many creative artists, scientists and climate activists.

“My short film Lupa was an official selection at the London Lift-off Film Festival but this will be my first full feature documentary.’

Norman Bissell, Director of the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics, who will write the script and co-direct the film, added: “Geopoetics is a big idea whose time has come. It is an international movement which places the Earth at the centre of human experience and creative expression, and this film will bring it to the attention of even more people throughout the world.

“We worked really well with RSK at its recent Live from COP26 conference and are delighted to be sponsored by them as a leading international employee owned company who are ensuring businesses are more sustainable in response to the climate and ecological crisis,” he said.

Meanwhile, Garry Charnock, RSK’s Director, Climate Change and Sustainability, said, ‘Geopoetics added a completely new dimension to our Live from COP26 event in Glasgow and we are keen to build on our relationship with all the poets by sponsoring this de-lightful film.’

Dr Alan Ryder, RSK’s CEO and founder added: “Protecting the environment and supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals is driving our business strategy and the creativity introduced by Geopoetics really inspires our thinking.

“We are happy to help these wonderful poets reach a wider audience.”


Join Dr Rossa Donovan, Technical Director at Nature Positive to discuss:

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✔️ Moving to a circular economy
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Red sky in the morning Andrew Griffin from RSK Raw captured this beautiful sunrise over RSK Raw’s stores in Malvern, UK

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📌 Join Helen McMillan, Associate Director and QRA Group Lead for RSK Geosciences, in a webinar which will provide an overview of how the effects of future #climatechange could be incorporated within the conceptual site model, along with the potential implications this may have on the assessment of risks to human health, controlled waters, and property receptors.

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Hugh Neatherway from RSK Response on-site with the RSK Response tanker in Shoreham, UK, on a nice spring day!

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👷 Did you know that the UK #construction industry contributes around 40% of the country’s total #carbonfootprint?

📌 Sarah Cook, Chartered Geologist and Associate Director of RSK company Leap Environmental Ltd, presented Leap’s foundation carbon calculator in one of our latest webinars.

🏗️ This tool has been developed to consider embodied carbon associated with foundations and will enable developers to identify carbon costs and potential savings early in the #design process.

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Scott and Piotr ready to get started on steel fencing works for East West Railway Company!

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