RSK Safety Fortnight is back for 2021

November 08, 2021

The biggest event in the RSK safety calendar is back for 2021 and began today, 8 November. This year’s RSK Safety Fortnight will run until 19 November, during which time businesses across the group will hold their own safety days. This year’s theme will be “avoiding work-related ill health”.

RSK Safety Fortnight is an initiative, driven by the RSK Safety Council, that aims to reduce the number of health and safety incidents and to stimulate improvements in our safety arrangements, behaviour and organisational culture. Maintaining an unwavering commitment to health and safety is one of RSK’s nine business principles, reflecting the importance of dedicating time to improving health and safety awareness and performance. Although safe working practices are incorporated into our daily routines, the safety fortnight event enables RSK to dedicate time to improving safety awareness and performance throughout the group, especially as we navigate the continued impact of COVID-19.

Now in its fifth year, RSK Safety Fortnight has engaged more than 10,000 participants since it was launched, and this year’s event is set to involve more colleagues than ever before. Across the fortnight, each business unit will hold its own Safety Day on the theme of “avoiding work-related ill health”, which will include presentations and exercises on two topics. The first is a module for all employees that will cover some common elements of occupational health. The second will be one topic from a choice of eight options relating to the wider themes of occupational health.

The continued impact of COVID-19 means that, for many of our group’s businesses, it may not be possible to hold large on-site or office safety events as have taken place in previous years. In many cases, the RSK Safety Fortnight event will, therefore, be delivered in a virtual classroom with separate four-to-five-person breakout workshops, supported by appropriate COVID-19 safeguards. These workshops will enable staff to discuss and debate the selected topics fully before sharing and presenting the output of their discussions with the wider class. Business unit managing directors will take the best of the output and use this to help create at least one new health and safety objective for their business unit for the forthcoming year.