RSK publishes its second sustainability report

March 21, 2018

RSK has published its second sustainability report. It describes RSK’s performance on environmental, social and economic topics during the 2017 financial year and showcases our continued commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability.

RSK recognises that sustainability is increasingly important to its clients, its employees and other stakeholders. In reflection of its commitment to becoming a more sustainable company and the value of honestly disclosing its values, strategy and performance, RSK is committed to publishing annual sustainability reports.

Read the full sustainability report on the RSK website to learn all about our corporate responsibility and sustainability commitments, our approach to managing occupational health and wellbeing, our carbon footprint and our socio-economic effects on the communities in which we operate.

RSK Communication Services produces the RSK Group sustainability report annually. RSK can also help companies to publish sustainability and corporate social responsibility reports that address their stakeholder’s issues and drive positive change. For more information, please contact Dominic Haughton.